K ajplats 18 on Strandvägen in Stockholm might well be the best location in town, and this is where Glashuset, ‘The Glass House’, is located. The restaurant and bar sits three metres from the water, and during the summer, it is the perfect spot for relaxation, socialising, and good food.

“I want it to be an oasis, a getaway from the stressful city where you can just enjoy the good life,” says CEO Christos Neo. Glashuset opened in May 2018 and has been busy ever since.

“We were not ready to open, but the weather was too good not to! 19 May was our opening day; that was a Friday, and our kitchen arrived two days before, and we started cooking on the Thursday,” Neo recalls. “We had an amazing season, from the day we opened until September. It is a small bistro, so it was full pretty much all the time during the summer.”

Since that opening day, Glashuset has become a big name in the capital, and Neo thinks he knows why. “We have ambition, but on top of that, we also have quality food, a good selection of drinks, and a location to die for. We are a Swedish brasserie with inspiration from all over the world, but we like to work with local products and to adjust our menu according to the season. We focus on a lot of fish in the summer – when you have a place right by the water, you want sea food – and more meat during the winter. We are lucky enough to be able to do this all year round. I’d say we are a summer getaway, and a winter garden.”

Neo and his staff are all about quality and community, and he says that he wants both guests and staff to feel comfortable. “We are like a family; it is a great place to work. I believe that too many restrictions and rules stop creativity, and I want my staff to be able to do what they feel is right for the place. Our head chef, Timmy Johansen, is sharp as a knife and I trust him.”

2019 is looking bright for Neo and Glashuset, and he has big plans for future renovations. “I am waiting for Stockholm city to agree to my plan to build a roof terrace, and when I get the green light, I will continue developing the restaurant and bar. I want to be able to open the windows on both sides, both towards the dynamic and pulsating Stureplan and towards the water. Glasis, which is what locals call the restaurant, will grow and become better during 2019. Now I am looking forward to spring, summer, autumn and winter. Believe me, I have so much to look forward to,” he laughs.

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