From the beginning, the idea was to create a street food chain based on a Swedish version of the American seafood rolls. Owners of Glupsk, Niklas and Mia Krafft, were travelling in America and tried the famous lobster rolls. They decided to develop and make their own version, as this did not yet exist on the street food scene in Sweden.

Niklas and Mia met at the restaurant school in Gothenburg in 1995 and worked for several years in Copenhagen, Gothenburg and at top restaurants in London. In 2007, Niklas wanted to do something different and got a commercial fishing license. “I love fishing but the pull back to the kitchen didn’t go away completely,” Niklas says and continues, “street food is a different way of creating really nice food and suits our lifestyle and values.”

Glupsk: The freshly caught street food concept

The journey has been long, and it has taken several years to build the concept Glupsk. “In 2019, we won the Food Truck Championships in Sweden and that’s when we decided to really go for it,” Niklas smiles and adds, “we’re constantly developing and trying what works, that’s how we like to do it.”

Glupsk: The freshly caught street food concept

Glupsk opened at Hantverkargatan 8, Kungsholmen, Stockholm in March 2023. During this first year, the street food concept has been adapted and the menu has been further developed and expanded. The guests love the food and even though Glupsk is more of a restaurant, the street food concept is still a big part. “We have our great food truck for visiting festivals, corporate events and private parties,” Niklas explains. The couple also runs a food truck container as well as four fish and shellfish stores, all located on the west coast, plus a hotel and restaurant facility on Orust.
Glupsk: The freshly caught street food concept

The couple is based in Ellös, on the western part of Orust, and that’s also where their fishing boat Nephrops is docked. Every morning, all year round, the boat and the crew go out to sea to bring home the day’s catch, which is then landed and prepared at the premises on Orust. Everything is done with great knowledge and love, the crayfish are hand-peeled, carefully packed and then transported to the restaurant in Stockholm. Fresh ingredients, from west coast to east coast, with love.

Glupsk: The freshly caught street food concept

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