Picture an enchanting island, where culture, nature and good food go hand in hand – the kind of place you’d have no trouble imagining Pippi Longstocking riding her horse. Well, this is the setting for the story of Gotlandschips.

On the Swedish island of Gotland, siblings Emelie and Oliver Lundberg are turning locally cultivated potatoes into bags of delicious crisps. The pair founded Gotlandschips in 2018, and together manage the whole production chain from beginning to end.

It’s therefore fitting to describe Gotlandschips as being all about family, quality products and sustainability. All the raw ingredients and their suppliers come from the island of Gotland itself, and all waste – canola oil and chips that don’t make the cut – is reused to produce biogas and energy to heat the fryers.

This sustainable loop and attention to detail results in eco-friendly and tasty crisps. Gotlandschips produces a range of much-loved flavours: sea salt; truffle and Parmesan; salt and vinegar; sour cream and ramson; and dill and chive. Though distribution is mainly national, you can find Gotlandschips all over the world, thanks to the flight company SAS, which serves the Swedish snack as part of their in-flight menu.

“It was difficult at the beginning, when my sister and I went to the bank as youngsters asking for a huge loan,” says the company CEO Oliver Lundberg. But today their dream has been accomplished. “Gotland is a magical place where we produce magical chips.”

Gotlandschips: A worldwide snack with local flavour

Web: www.gotlandschips.se
Instagram: @gotlandschips
Facebook: gotlandschips

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