Elisabeth Grønvik had always wanted to take over her parents’ fruit farm, Grønvik Gard, so when her dream came true in 1987, she went in with passion and enthusiasm. In 2011, she and her husband started using the fruit to make what would become one of Norway’s best apple juices.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else. I get to work outside, among the fruit trees, I get to meet so many new people through clients and visitors, and I get to produce a product of high quality that I can be proud of,” says Grønvik.

They grow several different apple types at the farm, and because Grønvik is a professional fruit grower, she knows exactly what to mix the different apples with to give them the optimal taste. They produce apple juices with raspberry, blueberry, lemon and ginger, clean apple juices, and a non-alcoholic sparkling apple juice.

All the products are completely free from artificial ingredients and made at the farm. In addition to the juices, they also offer guided tours, allowing visitors to see the work process behind the products and also to taste the different juices themselves.

The farm has won multiple awards, among them the prize for Norway’s best apple juice, and Grønvik thinks that there is a special reason behind the success: “I think that when you love what you do, the way I do, the products will be good. I am really passionate about what I do, and I think that shows in our products.”

Grønvik Gard


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