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With its enormous size and challenging environment, Greenland can often seem a bit daunting, yet these characteristics also make it one of the world’s most incredible places to visit and experience. Guide to Greenland has made it easy to get an overview of everything to see and do in Greenland, including top tips from locals and travellers.

If you are thinking about going to Greenland, Guide to Greenland should be the first website you look up. It not only offers over 200 different tours throughout Greenland, but also includes a blog written by both locals and travellers, with great tips on what to do and bring on your trip.

“We really love Greenland and we want others to get to experience it as well, so we wanted to make it easy for people coming here to see what Greenland has to offer,” explains Mads Nordlund, partner and CEO of Guide to Greenland. Importantly, it is not more expensive to book through Guide to Greenland. “There are many small tour operators that are not able to compete worldwide, but through our platform, we’ve created a space for them where their tours are easily available to the public. And, of course, everything is quality assured.”

The Guide to Greenland team is also easily contactable to answer any questions about tours, flights, hotels or simply about the country. “There are five of us in the office speaking 15 languages between us, so we should be able to help you out with any queries,” Nordlund assures. Whether you have a trip already planned or are looking for inspiration, Guide to Greenland is the best place to start.

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