Filling your home with flowers and plants provides many health benefits – they help with oxygen levels, create better harmony, and can reduce stress. Still, many forget to bring plants, and their wonderful benefits, into their children’s rooms, and this realisation was the soil of Happily, an interior brand with green fingers.

Happily, founded by sisters Rebecca and Paula, creates silicon pots that are soft, sweet, and fun for children. Accompanied by cute and easy-to-use watering cans, they are the perfect way to bring life into kid’s rooms in a way that they can enjoy to the fullest.

“The idea came as we started decorating our children’s rooms. We wanted to bring life, plants and flowers, into their space and wanted the pots to be intriguing and playful,” says Rebecca Fribrock, co-founder of Happily.

“And beyond that, we wanted to allow children to have an interest in their plants and in how to help them grow big and strong. We wanted them to learn about forests, our environment, how they need light and water to live, and how they can help us too,” she says.

Happily: Let your plants grow with your children

Best Buddies

Happily’s first collection is called Best Buddies, and that is exactly what they want these charismatic and cute pots to be for children.

“Our pots represent friendship, and we want them to encourage children to take care of one another, whether it’s a lovely green plant, or a friend in need,” explains Rebecca.

The pots and watering cans are made of recyclable silicon, a natural material that feels soft and won’t break if dropped on the floor.

Rebecca says, “They can withhold heat, cold, and water and are therefore perfect to use both inside and outside. You can use them on your balcony, let them decorate the garden, and you never have to worry about them breaking or looking worn down.”

Creating strong bonds

The founders of Happily also believe that allowing children to help out and get involved in the maintenance and care of their plants will increase their confidence, awareness, and willingness to take responsibility.

“We designed them for children. We want them to be the little seed that grows into interest and knowledge,” says Rebecca.

She finishes by saying: “Taking care of your plants is a great way to build a strong relationship between both adults and children, but also between children and the world.”

Happily: Let your plants grow with your children

Owners Rebecca and Paula.


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