Based on the principles that a product can be beautiful and useful, on-trend yet timeless, high-quality and affordable, Hart & Holm, an all-female independent company, creates an array of reading glasses, sunglasses, and blue-light glasses that do not cost the earth. Caring deeply about what they do, the women behind the firm want us all to look beautiful when looking after our eyes.

“I reached an age where I needed reading glasses,” says Hart & Holm founder, Marianne Hartvigsen. “I couldn’t find what I was looking for and nothing appealed to me,” she continues. Thus, an idea began to take shape. Hart & Holm launched its first range of reading glasses in 2018, and with Marianne’s extensive experience in creative fashion-design and production, Hart & Holm has grown into a successful Danish design brand. “We want to create beautiful, good-quality designs at a reasonable price,” Hartvigsen says. Their impressive range now also includes sunglasses and blue-light glasses, all created with beauty, durability, and sustainability in mind. “We aim for beauty in everything we do,” Hartvigsen and Anne Sofie Bordinggaard Karlsen, the company’s content creator, agree. “Something useful can still be beautiful,” Karlsen continues.

HART & HOLM: Beautiful and high-quality designs for every budget

Timeless beauty and sustainable products for everyone

Timeless designs are crucial to the company also as a tool to make people use their glasses for longer and thus make them more sustainable. “We don’t stick to trends for the sake of trends and are very critical about our designs,” Marianne explains. “We are inspired by what is around us, by life, by people we see day-to-day,” she continues.

HART & HOLM: Beautiful and high-quality designs for every budget

Trieste Mini Beige Marble as worn by HART & HOLM founder Marianne.

With a keen eye for detail, Hart & Holm creates glasses for everyone, focusing on more senior customers for reading glasses, and – predominantly – younger people for sunglasses and blue-light glasses. “We encourage everyone to look after their eyes,” Marianne says. The look of the blue-light glasses is perhaps particularly important as young people generally seem less keen to wear glasses. “What we really want is for the blue-light glasses being so wearable, that our younger customers won’t mind wearing them, even in public!” Marianne continues.

“I want to open up our customer base,” Marianne says. “But what I really want is to create many more affordable, beautiful, everyday things, items that people have a real need for,” she expands. For the time being Hart & Holm is all about glasses, but with genuine passion and heads full of ideas, the sky is the limit.

HART & HOLM: Beautiful and high-quality designs for every budget

HART & HOLM sell and post their products all over Denmark and Europe via their website.
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