“How hard can it be to make clothes that fit real women?” That’s the hard-hitting question that led to the launch of clothing brand Hedvig Stockholm. Run solely by dynamic duo Hedvig Andér and Maria Ahnström, this brand is the definition of organic growth – and it fits great, too.

Let’s cast our minds back a decade or so. This is the time when Hedvig Stockholm’s founding pair met via mutual friends and colleagues, together noticing a gap in the market for well-fitting, high-quality clothes that fit real women, not just plastic mannequins – clothes for everyone to feel proud and comfortable in, regardless of age, style or size.

Joining forces

It seemed fitting for the duo to team up: Andér with her degree in costume design and considerable experience of heading up the Swedish theatre mecca Dramaten’s costume atelier, not to mention TV stylist gigs and a book release; and Ahnström with her extensive knowledge of pattern design, having worked for a range of well-known brands, as well as teaching her craft to students.

“We felt like form and function weren’t aligned in the clothes available,” explains Andér. “It seemed like a lot was just designed to look good on a hanger, with no or little thought given to how the piece would fit a living person,” she adds. Hence, one of Hedvig Stockholm’s main values is care, which can be seen – and felt – in each collection since the very first one back in 2012.

Hedvig Stockholm: For the shape of you

Hedvig Andér and Maria Ahnström, founders of Hedvig Stockholm.

Fit for spring

Speaking of collections, Hedvig Stockholm’s SS22 collection is now out, made up of wardrobe staples including tie dresses, versatile tops and flowy trousers. “As with all of our pieces, we’ve emphasised the fit and quality,” says Ahnström. “We’ve played around with flattering patterns and shapes, plus small but transformative details, like opting for a rounded hem instead of a straight one.” Another key characteristic of Hedvig Stockholm clothes is durability. Indeed, customers rave about this, showering the brand with love for creating clothes they can wear again and again.

Great fit aside, there’s more that separates this brand from others on the fashion scene – mainly long-term thinking. It might not seem obvious, but this comes with a strong environmental awareness, which is breathed into each part of the business. Transparency is key and sustainable measures are there because they should be, not because it’s trendy.

“Choosing more environmentally friendly materials, like those needing less water in production, is great. But that’s only a small part of the things we can do,” says Ahnström.

“We pick materials with a lower order minimum to avoid excess fabric and over-production. We only sew as much as we need, never more.”

Additionally, the brand works closely with a small factory in Riga and has done so since the start. The tight relationship gives the founding duo a good oversight of production, working conditions and salaries for factory employees. “Being in control of each step of the process is crucial to us,” Ahnström asserts.

Thinking outside the box

The brand also reuses existing samples from season to season, which allows for even less production and minimum waste. Another plus is the adjustable seams in each Hedvig Stockholm garment. This is ideal for anyone who moves up or down in size and doesn’t want to spend money on new clothes.

But perhaps the most original environmental effort is the way the brand uses boxes for shipping. “We have never, ever bought a single cardboard box to ship items in, and we’re very proud of this. Instead, we ask factories for reused boxes or just grab some from home,” Andér explains. And the same thinking goes for printing materials, or rather the lack thereof. For instance, shipping notes get printed on the back of existing invoices. “It’s about playing your part and doing everything you can for the planet and people. Big or small, everything goes,” says Andér.

A personal touch

Shopping with Hedvig Stockholm can be a very personal experience, something much appreciated by customers. Via social media and email, Andér and Ahnström help shoppers find the right sizes to order by explaining the fit and more. This is also great from a sustainability point of view, as customers rarely need to order multiple sizes.

Andér and Ahnström are confident that as soon as you start wearing the Hedvig Stockholm fit, you’ll realise how important it is for your well-being. So whether you’re shorter, taller, rounder or slimmer, trust this duo to sort you out.

Hedvig Stockholm: For the shape of you

Web: www.hedvigstockholm.se
Facebook: hedvigstockholm
Instagram: @hedvigstockholm

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