Hernö Gin Distillery has a clear ambition: to create the world’s best gin. It’s an ambition that’s coming to fruition, too, as the distillery has by now received numerous awards as the world’s best, and its founder has even been inducted to the Gin Magazine Hall of Fame.

Hernö Gin Distillery is the first dedicated gin distillery in Sweden. What started as a passion for gin and continued through explorations across the world for ‘ginspiration’ has evolved into pure craftsmanship.

Amazingly, this is the most prized gin distillery in Europe. Hernö Gin has been named International Gin Producer of the Year, World’s Best Gin, World’s Best London Dry Gin and World’s Best Gin & Tonic, amongst many other awards. But as the talented Hillgren explains: “Even though we have succeeded with our products and won some of the most prominent awards, we will continue to focus on what is at the heart of the business: producing high-quality organic gin.”

Hillgren himself was inducted into the Gin Magazine Hall of Fame in 2019 for his contributions to the world’s gin industry, alongside gin icons such as Christopher Hayman and Charles Maxwell. “It was completely unexpected as we are still new in the industry, but of course a great honour!” he says.

Hernö Gin | Creating the world’s best gin, inspired by nature | Scan Magazine

Jon Hillgren, founder and master distiller.

Juniper berries, floral and citrus

Far from a one-hit wonder, Hernö Gin boasts aromas and flavours that are outstanding – but what is the secret? Hillgren explains: “With our hand-hammered copper stills, we are crafting the organic gin from natural ingredients, giving it plenty of flavour from juniper berries but also floral tones of meadowsweet and freshness from lemon zest.

The award-winning range includes Hernö Dry Gin, Hernö Navy Strength Gin, Hernö Old Tom Gin and Hernö Juniper Cask Gin, plus limited editions a couple of times per year: for instance, Hernö High Coast Terroir Gin and Hernö Blackcurrant. As of April 2019, Hernö Dry Gin and Hernö Old Tom Gin are available at Sweden’s two largest airports, Arlanda in Stockholm and Landvetter in Gothenburg.

Hernö Gin | Creating the world’s best gin, inspired by nature | Scan Magazine

Interpretations by Hernö Gin is a collectors’ series of gin with a creative twist. For instance, newly released Hernö Botany Bay Dry Gin is a collaboration with Four Pillars in Australia, a botanical dream with an exotic touch of floral pepperiness. “We have worked with Four Pillars before and are really proud to continue our collaboration,” says Hillgren.

Open House and Cocktail Awards

Hernö Gin is available in around 30 markets, including in Europe, Asia and Australia, and the expansion continues. New at the distillery this year is a fresh restaurant with a cocktail bar, and the distillery can also welcome visitors without pre-booking on Wednesdays through Sundays this summer, starting on 1 July.

Hernö Gin | Creating the world’s best gin, inspired by nature | Scan Magazine

There are guided tours with information about manufacturing, gin tastings, cocktail tastings and cocktail courses, as well as after-work sessions with food and cocktails. The distillery’s tastings are incredibly popular, and last year, around 3,500 people took the opportunity to visit and learn all about the fascinating story of gin.

For even more exciting gin experiences, Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards is the yearly cocktail competition hosted at the distillery. It is considered one of the most challenging gin competitions in the world, with some of the best bartenders on stage. Here, skills, creativity and the bartenders’ ability to push the limits are crucial.

Hernö Gin | Creating the world’s best gin, inspired by nature | Scan Magazine

Cocktail: Hernö Clover Club.

Clover Club:

Clover Club is a true classic that really highlights everything that is great about a cocktail – a neat aperitif, perfect for mingles.

– 50 ml Hernö Dry Gin
– 20 ml lemon
– 20 ml simple syrup
– 1 egg white
– 6–8 fresh raspberries
Glass: Cocktail

Shake all the ingredients, without ice, to get a foam. Add ice. Shake it like you mean it for about ten seconds. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with raspberries.

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