There are many distilleries in the world making great whisky, but only one of them sits on the 63rd parallel north latitude – perhaps an unexpected location for whisky-making, but key to the global success of this Swedish distillery’s fantastic offering.

The High Coast Whisky (previously Box) distillery sits on the banks of the Ångerman river in northern Sweden’s Västernorrland district. This is an area with four distinct seasons and significant temperature variations throughout the year – something that is crucial in the process of maturing whisky. “When the temperature changes, the exchange between the oak and spirit intensifies, contributing to a unique flavour development,” explains Henrik Persson, CEO at High Coast Whisky. “This plays a huge part in characterising our whisky.”

Another rare attribute of this distillery is the year-round access to the Ångerman river’s ice-cold water. “The ability to cool the spirits in the distillation process is incredibly important, because it means that we can condense the spirits efficiently, helping to achieve the right depth, flavour and elegance,” says Persson.

High Coast Whisky: The northern whisky wonder

Atmosfär will be available on SAS business flights from 1 March.

These rare circumstances, paired with knowledge and passion, have built a brand that caught the attention of whisky lovers right from the beginning. From exciting start-up to well established distillery, High Coast Whisky’s popularity has somewhat exploded after launching the Origin series in 2019. With names like Hav (Swedish for ‘sea’) and Berg (meaning ‘mountain’), this four-piece collection is a tribute to the distillery’s rich heritage and dramatic surroundings. “The entire series has been a tremendous success, but Berg is the definite bestseller as it’s sherry-matured, something that’s popular among whisky connoisseurs,” says Persson.

There’s also a visitor centre for those who want a fuller experience. Here, guests can enjoy whisky tastings and monthly events, book a distillery tour or sit down in the atmospheric restaurant for a whisky-paired meal. Then there’s of course the popular whisky festival, held here the first weekend after Midsummer each year. “The festival is a must, not only for whisky lovers,” explains Persson. “It’s a two-day event packed with enjoyment, music, parties, food and great people – simply the highlight of the year!”

High Coast Whisky is more than just a product; it’s an experience that’s heading for the skies, quite literally. “We’re launching whisky to go exclusively on the menu for passengers flying business with SAS from 1 March,” explains Persson. “To partner up with such a well-respected airline is a true milestone, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

High Coast Whisky: The northern whisky wonder

The unusual whisky distillery that’s taking the world by storm.

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