Meet High Coast Whisky, the distillery at the forefront of the Swedish whisky market. Location, determination and innovation are only a few of the ingredients behind this brand’s success – so let’s explore what it really takes to create a whisky wonder.

Firstly, the High Coast Whisky distillery sits on the 63rd parallel north latitude in northern Sweden’s Västernorrland district. This makes it one of the world’s northernmost distilleries and gives its whisky an unusual edge.

“We have four distinct seasons here, and significant temperature variations throughout the year from -30 to +30,” says Henrik Persson, CEO at High Coast Whisky. “This helps to intensify the exchange between the oak and the spirit, contributing to a unique flavour development,” adds Persson.

With its ice-cold water, the Ångerman river plays a big part too. “Cooling our spirits in the distillation process is crucial. Cooling as quick as possible from the condensed form helps to achieve the right depth, flavour and elegance,” explains Persson.

Fancy owning your own barrel? It’s possible, thanks to High Coast Whisky’s Cask Owner Concept. Give it a go and you’ll not only deepen your interest in whisky, but also share the experience with lots of like-minded people. “We’re giving customers the chance to create their own whisky, from choosing the cask and deciding on peated or unpeated whisky, through to bottle design and label,” says Persson.

If picking something off the shelf is more your thing, you’re in good hands. There’s the four-piece Origin series, a tribute to the distillery’s rich heritage and dramatic surroundings. High Coast Whisky also has an ongoing partnership with Scandinavian Airlines, its Altitud whisky being available to purchase in economy class, and Atmosfär in business.

You could also explore the visitor centre. Here, guests can enjoy whisky tastings and monthly events, book a distillery tour, or sit down in the atmospheric Restaurant 63 for a whisky-paired meal. Then there’s of course the popular whisky festival, which will be held here 17-18 June. “It’s a two-day event packed with enjoyment, music, parties, food and great people,” says Persson. “Last year, we had to run a scaled-down version, so we’re thrilled to be back for real.”

After a few challenging, yet successful years, the team at High Coast Whisky is excited to attend fairs, welcome even more visitors and take their offering to the next level. Does that include new products? We’ll just have to wait and see.

High Coast Whisky: The wonderful world of whisky

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