Hawkhill Nature provides two rugged charming log villas including modern conference areas, saunas and sleeping arrangements for up to 12 people. In addition, there are three other cottages with the same facilities for smaller teams or travellers looking for atmospheric locations in the middle of majestic Finnish forest scenery.

Hawkhill is a rarity amongst the conference venues within the metropolitan area of Helsinki, only 45 minutes from the capital. “Most of our visitors wonder how a place like this can exist so close to Helsinki. During the summer public transportation takes you as close as a mile away from here. In winter a bus drops you 2.5 miles from the location, but we can either pick you up or send a taxi,” says Annu Huotari, one of the owners of the company.

Business and team spirit

The key word in all activities at Hawkhill is participation. Alongside their meetings the visiting groups can design something to do themselves or choose from hiking, open fire cooking, wild herb expeditions, mushroom picking with trained experts, paddling, ice fishing, snowshoeing or whatever fits best the groups’ needs.

“It really revitalises team spirit when you get people to participate. Some groups want us to show them how to make their own candles or wooden cutlery, and then they can start crafting themselves,” tells Huotari.

Hawkhill also encourages people to visit the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia nearby. “Of course some visitors just might want to sit tight, relax and enjoy the beautiful nature, sauna and swimming.”

You can book a Hawkhill cottage for a day, weekend or a whole week. If you don’t want to bring your own food, there is a catering service offering tasty Finnish dishes, most of them cooked outdoors for group of minimum six persons. “We have great catering packages, but some of our visitors want to bring their own meals. In case you wish to cook, you can even give us a list of the ingredients you need, and we’ll pick them up before you arrive,” says Huotari.

“We are not a franchise, but a unique and traditional location. Hawkhill has been here for over three decades – ask for anything in the context of outdoor life, cooking and accommodation, and we are most likely able to arrange that.”

All the services are available separately or together for companies, families, groups or sole travellers.

Book and ask about villas, activities and catering packages at www.hawkhill.fi

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