Fancy unwinding at a retreat by the sea? Hotel 1622 is a unique getaway with a spa, pool, hot tub and conference facilities. The hotel is situated in the south section of Rydebäcks farm and offers tranquillity, relaxation and a kid-free zone.

The hotel and spa opened in September 2021, turning an 1850s farm and industrial yard into a resort. “The hotel is by the sea in Rydebäck, south of Helsingborg,” CEO Lise-Lott Modin explains. “The year 1622 marks the first time the locality Rydebäck was ever written about, after two Dutchmen came here to establish brickyards.”

Hotel 1622: Tranquility, food and fulfilment at Hotel 1622

And thank heavens they did, because without them, Hotel 1622 might still be a farm. However, elements of the pastoral aesthetic have been used to the hotel’s advantage: the building is listed, so the historical outer façade has been preserved. Meanwhile, the interior has been modernised with a nod to the past. “In the restaurant, we’ve kept the old arches, together with the pillars,” Modin explains. “This is where the cows lived! We’ve kept as much as possible. And the reception is where the milk was stored.”

Hotel 1622: Tranquility, food and fulfilment at Hotel 1622

Hotel 1622 is close to the trails Skåneleden and Sydkustleden. Perfect for guests planning a hike.

They even made good use of two crop silos, installing a staircase and lift in one and a hot tub in the other. “The wooden beams are exposed and we’ve built the rooms around this,” she says. “We work a lot with recycled materials. The wood used for the stairs and the furniture in the rooms is all from the farm. The old barrels in the reception were found in one of the barns and have been turned into lamps and the like.”

Hotel 1622: Tranquility, food and fulfilment at Hotel 1622

The exposed beams and recycled wood from the farm set the tone at Hotel 1622.

A hotel retreat isn’t complete without something to eat. Apart from the two onsite restaurants – Restaurant Tegel and Crazy Thai – Hotel 1622 offers traditional cuisine and a grill buffet during the summer months. “And we now offer themed buffets as well,” Modin says. “Caribbean Night, for example. And, for breakfast we serve hot à la carte dishes, like omelette, scrambled eggs, eggs benedict and more.”

Rya Golf Club is only a golf swing away for those guests looking for a round, and the sea is just 100 metres from Hotel 1622. “Our guests often book another night instead of checking out,” Modin says with a smile. “This is a place where you can take a break from it all. And dogs are welcome, but the children will have to stay at home!

Hotel 1622: Tranquility, food and fulfilment at Hotel 1622


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