The city of the sun might be a perfect way to describe Karlstad, where the Mediterranean-inspired Hotel Fratelli is located. An engulfing experience with cosy furnishings, a variety of restaurants and an interesting story will have you returning for more.

Hotel Fratelli is best described as a boutique hotel, based on experiences, fine dining and a nod to southern European everyday life. The building itself used to be an exclusive retail location, with an authentic 1950s vibe. “The building is centrally located in Karlstad and was built in the early 1950s by a local family,” says CEO and partner, Anders Pertun. “It’s a brick building in the middle of town, next door to something the locals call Soltorget. It was originally built for selling apparel across two levels.” Soltorget is Swedish for Sun Square – the main square where two of Karlstad’s oldest streets cross.

Hotel Fratelli: Mediterranean lifestyle at Sweden’s riviera

The welcoming lounge will have you returning in no time.

Speaking of the sun, it’s a reoccurring theme at Hotel Fratelli and the city itself. One of the quaint hotel’s three top-class restaurants is a conservatory with a courtyard and plenty of natural light, located on the top floor. Isola is sort of play with words, with the Swedish word “sol” – sun – right in the middle. “Isola is popular for meetings because it’s welcoming, and again, inspired by southern European lifestyle,” underlines Pertun. “It has a lot of plants, citrus and olive trees – if you’re having a meeting, you’ll want a setting that inspires.”

Hotel Fratelli: Mediterranean lifestyle at Sweden’s riviera

Natural light with a drink, at Isola.

Sunny connections and culinary experiences

More on the sunny connections later. But before that, what’s a corporate gathering without a good meal and a thirst-quenching beverage? If you ask the CEO, the culinary experiences at Hotel Fratelli’s restaurants are the true narrative. “It was important to create three different types of restaurants,” he explains. “Each with a separate kitchen, to make it as genuine as possible.”

There’s still a common denominator, as you’ll never have to leave the building for culinary variety; the three venues offer their own and unique experience. “That’s important to us. The feedback from our guests is that they enjoy the different themes: ‘Today we’ll have a bite at Vicino, and tomorrow we’ll have dinner at Isola!’”

Vicino is the centrepiece if you will, the main restaurant at Hotel Fratelli. Every detail has been thought through, from the colours, to the plants and the handpicked list of 500 wines. “We want our guests to feel like they are amongst friends and family,” says Pertun. “Also, this is where we serve our breakfast buffet.”

Hotel Fratelli: Mediterranean lifestyle at Sweden’s riviera

Wine for every occasion.

More than just a trip to the south

The Mediterranean theme was clear from the start. Founded initially by two brothers, the name Hotel Fratelli became the obvious choice. “Brothers in Italian is fratelli,” adds Pertun. “We felt early on that we want a Mediterranean, southern European flair. One thing led to another and the name became Hotel Fratelli. We have a clear ambition to grab our position as Karlstad’s new food scene. This has been essential for us.”

After experiencing nearly 2,000 square metres of dining areas and connecting with loved ones, or perhaps negotiating with business associates in the “riviera” of Karlstad, it’s time for some relaxation. Allegria spa and retreat offers an array of soothing experiences with bathtubs, saunas and tropical showers. Turquoise pools, exotic plants, and rustic brick walls provide a true sense of well-being. A perfect way to activate your senses even if you’re not spending the night at the hotel.

In addition, there are two decorated meeting rooms, but not with the traditional conference vibe. These meeting rooms can take 12 and 20 people respectively, with all the technical refinements such as audio-visual fittings camouflaged in the furniture and interior decoration. The two meeting rooms also double as dining areas if needed. “We’ve built them as chambre séparée, keeping in mind that guests can eat there and still feel like winners. My sense is that we are done with sitting in traditional conference venues from the 1980s.”

So, if you’re looking for an experience like no other, don’t miss Hotel Fratelli. And chances are, you won’t be able to when you’re in town. “We avoid saying that we have a hotel with restaurants,” concludes Pertun. “Instead, we’ve built restaurants, bars and a spa, with a hotel.”

Fancy being transported to the French Riviera? Make sure to stop by Karlstad this summer and you will see why it’s always sunny here.

Hotel Fratelli: Mediterranean lifestyle at Sweden’s riviera

Vicino is the main restaurant, of a total of three at Hotel Fratelli.

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