At 350 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, the Greenlandic city of Ilulissat draws a special breed of traveller. All around, the rugged, mythological landscape is covered by an ice sheet up to three kilometres thick, and is home to some of the oldest gemstone deposits on the planet. The city of the midnight sun and the aurora borealis also has a lively urban culture – so how do you make the most of Ilulissat? You stay right in the middle of it all, in luxury accommodation run by local experts.

In some of the most exciting cities all over the world, Best Western’s hotels are synonymous with stylish design and modern convenience. Best Western Plus Hotel Ilulissat, the newest luxury accommodation in Greenland’s third-largest city, is no exception, and offers unrivalled access to this unique coastal destination.

“Ilulissat is Greenland’s tourist mecca, but it’s a place of peace and relaxation, a slow lifestyle and fantastic nature,” says the hotel’s head of marketing, Emilie Baj Elmo Bagger. The city is home to almost as many sled-dogs as people, and where the picturesque paintbox buildings peter out, it’s met by vast arctic expanses of undulating hills to the east, and the iceberg-riddled Disko Bay to the west. At the heart of the city, overlooking it all, Hotel Ilulissat offers five stories of awe-inspiring, unbroken views, while local museums, shops, churches and cafés are just a ten-minute walk away.

Hotel Ilulissat: A luxury city trip to Greenland’s wild and beautiful west coast

Elegant design for business and leisure

Inside, the 78 rooms – including standard, family, executive and superior rooms, as well as exclusive suites – are inspired by the opalescent palette of the moonstone gem. No matter the size, all rooms possess a sense of architectural grandeur. Elegant tones of sand, natural blue and white characterise the spacious interiors, while magnificent windows overlooking the city, coast and hinterland allow Greenland’s magical arctic light to fill the space.

Hotel Ilulissat: A luxury city trip to Greenland’s wild and beautiful west coast

Elsewhere, Hotel Ilulissat’s mini-gym and six modern meeting and conference rooms ensure that travellers can have both a relaxing and a productive stay. “We offer the best service in Greenland for business travellers, right from the moment you request a quote,” says Bagger. The hotel is superbly equipped to offer a high degree of flexibility, with expert staff on hand to arrange everything from airline tickets and extra accommodation, to personalised all-day catering.

Hotel Ilulissat: A luxury city trip to Greenland’s wild and beautiful west coast

Unforgettable rooftop dining

The most memorable spot at Hotel Ilulissat, however, is right at the top of the building. “The rooftop restaurant has the best view in the city,” says Bagger. “Seated inside or outside, you can see right across the Ilulissat Icefjord, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, all year round.” The rooftop is a tranquil, high-altitude oasis, where guests can enjoy a cup of coffee with the Arctic sunrise, evening drinks while the sun sets on the icy water, or an unforgettable dinner-table view.

The menu is Greenlandic-inspired, with a focus on fish such as halibut, and local seasonal flavours as well as international favourites. “We run a concept called ‘Meet the Locals’, where we collaborate with local Greenlandic markets to provide the best fresh produce for our guests. It’s a beautiful way of telling the story of Greenlandic cuisine and giving back to our community,” says Bagger.

While the west coast of Greenland has plenty to offer the daring traveller, organising an adventure in such a challenging landscape can seem formidable. An airport transfer service to and from the hotel is included in the room price, and guests can also choose to explore the country via its range of tailored excursions and travel packages. Meanwhile, the friendly staff are well-versed in the top attractions and day trips in and around Ilulissat. With travel-inspiration and local tips, luxury, adventure and culture all under one roof, Hotel Ilulissat guarantees a Greenlandic experience like no other.

Hotel Ilulissat: A luxury city trip to Greenland’s wild and beautiful west coast

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