HUBA House is designed for the wilderness. This beautiful holiday cabin offers a blend of comfort, innovation, and sustainability, perfect for guests wanting to unwind and immerse themselves in nature.

Imagine waking up to birdsong, the scent of pine, and enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee while taking in the scenery around you. This is exactly what guests can experience with a HUBA House, a holiday cabin the size of a hotel suite designed for the trade.

“We designed a cabin that we would like to stay in ourselves when in the wilderness. As much as people want to stay in nature, they don’t want mosquitoes, uncomfortable cabins, or cold showers. HUBA House solves this problem,” explains Anu Madjak, co-founder of HUBA House. “It blends in naturally with its surroundings. Every detail serves a clear purpose, ensuring an experience that resonates with guests who value quality and sophistication.”

HUBA House was founded by business partners Anu Madjak and Kaspar Loit, and is a true game-changer for resort operators seeking to elevate the guest experience. The cabins are a fusion of comfort and nature. In fact, these are not simply cabins; they are an unforgettable experience. “It was important for us to design a cabin that would complement nature and blend in with the surroundings,” says Madjak.

HUBA House: The perfect blend of nature, luxury, and sustainability

Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

The ultimate cabin experience

Nothing is left to chance at HUBA House. Every little detail has been thoughtfully considered and everything serves a purpose. The cabins have a net area of 21 m2 and a gross area of 29 m2. There is a spacious kitchen with a dishwasher, a bedroom with a king-sized bed, and even a lounge area, perfect for enjoying your morning coffee or reading a book in the afternoon sun.

“We have big windows, which ensures that the cabin gets lots of natural light. And we have plenty of storage space, big enough to fit a drying cabinet for wet skiing gear, should you need it,” explains Madjak. “Personally, I also love that the bedroom is separate from the rest of the rooms. The cabin is designed so you can comfortably live there for a week.”

HUBA House is built a bit differently than your average cabin or tiny home. Not only does it boast high ceilings, panoramic windows, and a thoughtfully mapped-out layout, but everything is already integrated and fully assembled upon arrival. The cabin comes prefabricated from high-quality materials that can withstand the elements, whether it be strong winds, heavy snowfall, or freezing temperatures. And perhaps the best part? It is just as cosy and warm in winter as during the hot summer months. “We have built a cabin where the owners don’t have to worry about anything, except perhaps arranging for a cleaner to visit after their stay,” smiles Madjak.

HUBA House: The perfect blend of nature, luxury, and sustainability

Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

A slice of heaven in the wilderness

The construction of a HUBA House is also rather unique. It is built using innovative SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) technology. The exterior walls, floor, and roof seamlessly combine insulation and structural support, ensuring top-tier energy efficiency and durability. “You can easily set up our cabins in the cold climates of countries like Norway, Finland, or Iceland. The construction method enables us to shape spaces that prioritise guest comfort, sustainability, and an unforgettable experience while effectively fulfilling operational goals,” explains Madjak.

A HUBA House comes fully assembled and setting up the holiday cabin is a breeze. On-site installation and communication hook-ups only take one day. HUBA House also offers off-grid solutions if you are truly based in the wilderness. Here, guests can enjoy all the joys and comforts of modern life even if water, sewage, and electricity are not available. The cabin also features a smart home system, so that you can control and monitor all systems and operations such as power and ventilation remotely.

HUBA House truly is a slice of heaven, perfect for anyone longing to unwind and recharge in the wilderness – but with a touch of elegance and luxury. If you are curious and want to see a HUBA House with your own eyes, you can find a cabin on display at the Estonian Golf & Country Club, just 30 minutes from Tallinn Airport.

HUBA House: The perfect blend of nature, luxury, and sustainability

Photo: Stina Kase


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