A cultural house for everyone


Huset HAVS is more than just a restaurant. It is a cultural place with an unpretentious vibe in unique settings, and everyone is invited.

It is just two months since Huset HAVS opened its doors to what they hope will become a cultural epicentre for the residents in and around Løkken. “Everything is still relatively new, but we’ve had some very positive first months. Our guests really like the unpretentious vibe we have, where you can sit and eat while other guests are walking around looking at surf gear in our surf shop,” says Jonas Brix, who is the owner of the place together with his brother Kasper Brix and his wife Bella Brix, as well as Christian Middelbo and Jette Nielsen.

A few weeks ago, Jonas Brix started talking to one of the customers in the restaurant, who had come in to eat.. “While he was waiting for his burger, he decided to try on a wetsuit, and after he had eaten, he went to the shop and bought it. That really says a lot to me about what kind of place people see this as,” says Brix with a smile.

An old fishing boat divides the house with the restaurant on the right and the shop on the left, where you can buy surf gear as well as paintings and clothing for all ages. The settings are so unique, that Huset HAVS have already received inquiries from people who want to celebrate weddings and birthdays at their premises. In the future, the plan is to change the menu card every now and then, and arrange theme weekends, so that the place keeps changing and people keep coming back for more.

“We want Huset HAVS to be known as a place with a lot of life, where it never gets stiff, and where everyone feels welcome,” concludes Brix.

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