Trains connect people, places and things and form the mode of transportation that has helped shape our societies and improve infrastructure all over the world. Järnvägens Museum in Ängelholm, Sweden, gives you unique insight into the history of rail in a fun and exciting way – a great day out, regardless if you are an enthusiast or just one of many relying on trains in your everyday life.

The museum has been open to the public since 1998 and attracts visitors ranging from international tourists to locals, families, train enthusiasts and beyond. “Everyone has a personal relationship to trains and the railway. They take people from A to B, linking events and places, and have a fascinating history,” says Ursula Lindgren Gey, head of communications.

ärnvägens Museum_

Experience the history of the railway through exciting and captivating exhibitions.

The museum is the only one of its kind in Sweden, and attention has been paid to the infrastructure, technology and history behind the railway. Popular parts of the exhibition include the locomotive simulator, Locomotion, where the visitors can experience the electric- and steam locomotive as well as the fast train from the driver’s cabin, in a perfect simulation of an authentic train ride. The massive model railway is another attraction that evokes fascination from both young and old, with train models from the present day and all the way back to 1825 spinning around the mini landscape. In need of a break? Take a ride in the mini train, or simply take a stroll and relax in the lovely park and outdoor area.

Our dependence on trains will increase as we demand more sustainable forms of transport, and this museum provides an exciting insight into the past, present and potential future of the trains we all rely on.

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