With NanoLearning, organisations can invest in their employees by raising awareness and boosting collective knowledge. Junglemap is behind the innovative method and system, which supports continuous and effective learning with measurable impact.

NanoLearning is a ground-breaking method for learning, in which a subject is divided into small modules, distributed to learners over time, and with regular follow-ups to see the effect. The company behind NanoLearning is Junglemap, which was founded in Norway some 20 years ago. Since 2006, Junglemap has delivered over 40,000 NanoLearning courses to companies and organisations, and reached more than 7 million users.

“Learning is a process, not an event,” says Joakim Hejestad, director of business development at Junglemap. “Although I have over 30 years’ experience in eLearning, artificial intelligence and edtech, NanoLearning has taken me by storm. Instead of just digitalising traditional learning, with this method you get the same information to everyone, at the same time. It’s cool to see how NanoLearning actually generates learning for the target group.”

With NanoLearning, clients can create their own courses, establish a distribution plan, get reports over time, and follow up on the impact. At the outset, Junglemap provided NanoLearning courses in information security, a challenge facing most organisations these days. But clients can also create their own content in the ground-breaking AI-supported production tool, for instance courses in compliance, laws and regulations, and sustainability.

Fighting the forgetting curve

The mission at Junglemap is that everyone should remember what they learn. “We want to fight the forgetting curve,” says Hejestad. “We all know how fast you forget the content of a one-day course if you don’t put it into practise, or at least repeat what you learned within a day after the training event.”

The best way to fight the forgetting curve, according to Junglemap, is to provide information in three-minute lessons, with spaced repetition and retrieval practice. “We do this to get the best effect and ensure collective behavioural change throughout the organisation,” adds Hejestad.

With these three-minute lessons, spread out over time, the completion rate of every started lesson is an impressive 98%. “Everyone has 3 minutes to spare. And if people get the same information at the same time, in bite-size chunks, they will start talking. By boosting this type of social learning, we help create awareness and achieve organisational effect.”

Junglemap: Everyone should remember what they learn

Joakim Hejestad, director of business development at Junglemap.

Web: www.junglemap.se
LinkedIn: Junglemap
Instagram: @junglemap_global

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