“Our products range from traditional Finnish delicacies such as rye-crust fish pies, ‘Kukko’ in Finnish, to new modern multi-purpose products like smoked salmon in sweet chili sauce,” says Raimo Vähäsarja, co-founder and CEO of Kala-Kallen Kalaherkut. “All our products are ready to eat, but they can also be used in cooking.”

These delicacies come from a seaside factory on the island of Pohja-Kalliokari in northern Finland. The company was founded by Raimo and his wife, Päivi Vähäsarja, in 1992, and their team of five is soon going to grow. “Now we also have a capital investor on board, so we are ready to upscale our production. We have an up-to-date 1,100-square-metre EU-approved factory to also handle large orders.”

Vähäsarja is also the passionate inventor behind the recipes. He is always trying out new things and developing new recipes. “We use only high-quality ingredients in our products,” he explains. “We use Norwegian salmon, and our other ingredients come mainly from Finland. We do not use any artificial preservatives or additives.”

The products stay fresh in room temperature. This, and the fact that they contain a good amount of protein and slow carbs, makes them the perfect food to take to a hike or a camping trip. Currently one of the brand’s most popular products is Lohikukko, smoked salmon in a rye crust. An experienced mountain climber once described it as the Ferrari of trekking food. “We are also planning to launch new flavours: there will be chicken, as well as a vegetarian option,” Vähäsarja reveals, when asked about the future plans.

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