No mean bean


Karviaisten tila, a fourth-generation farm, has turned the humble bean into a variety of innovative and tasty superfood products that are ready to take on the world.

The bean no longer stands for bland and boring, and Karviaisten tila, who specialises in broad-bean products, knows this better than anyone. “About two years ago, I started experimenting with the broad bean. I baked a batch of goods for my family, substituting wheat flour with a broad bean alternative,” says Katriina Klinckowström. “None of them noticed the substitution. That’s when I realised the potential of the product.”

Klinckowström and her husband run a family farm established in 1914. Each generation has sought to develop their own farming practices, but what has run through them all is an emphasis on quality. The farm’s produce is handled directly on location, including the packaging. “This way, we can ensure our products are gluten-free,” Klinckowström explains.

For Karviaisten tila, the bean lends itself to a variety of products, from flour to versatile ground and roasted beans, all with superfood qualities. Their latest invention is not what you would expect: a sweet snack of broad bean covered in chocolate. “It’s an easy and tasty way to add protein and fibre to your daily diet,” Klinckowström says, “and by using the bean we can cut out more than half of the sugar and flour usually needed. We are inspired by the joy of good food and have been blown away by the positive response so far.”


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