Kavli’s beloved products don’t just taste good, they actually do good. Every year, for more than 60 years, the company has been allocating its surplus profits to charitable causes. So, when you choose a Kavli product, you give back to the community.

Kavli was originally founded in 1893, when Olav Kavli opened a tiny cheese store in Bergen, Norway. In 1924, Olav opened his first factory and developed the world’s first spreadable cheese. In 1962, the Kavli Trust became the sole owner and still manages the group today. With operations in Norway, Sweden, Finland and the UK, the Kavli Group has an annual turnover of around 4.2 billion Swedish Krona.

The group’s only mission and raison d’être is to support good causes in a sustainable way. Every year, any profit not devoted to the company’s operations and continued development goes directly to the Kavli Trust, which carefully selects and distributes the profits to good causes in two main areas: child and adolescent mental health, and responsible consumption and production. Jonny Mattsson, CEO of Kavli Sweden, says: “Thanks to Kavli’s mission, we can support organisations such as Mind and Stadsmissionen Matcentralen. A certain proportion of the funds is also allocated for recipients nominated by Kavli’s employees; for instance, Cancer-rehabfonden. In 2022, profits from the group enabled Kavli Trust to allocate 85 million Krona to charitable causes.”

Kavli’s unique business model, a professional, high-performing culture sharing its profit, is a modern approach that attracts, in particular, conscious young people to the company. “The company is driven by a humanitarian spirit and, ultimately, our surplus is used for the benefit of others,” continues Mattsson. “Rather than just maximising output, we have a long-term perspective of creating value and reinvesting in our people and local communities.”

Kavli: Allocating profits to good causes, to make the world a better place

A modern business model with beloved products

What makes it all possible is Kavli’s portfolio of strong brands and high-quality products, such as spreadable cheese, mayonnaise, dressings, sauces and yogurts. “Our mission is to make the world a bit better,” says the CEO. “The products contain the best ingredients and taste really good. Regardless of which Kavli product you purchase, the surplus goes to charitable causes.”

The classic spreadable cheese with prawns, based on Olav Kavli’s innovation from the early 1900s, is still the bestseller, and is a staple on breakfast tables and in packed lunches. Other tasty flavours include smoked ham, chorizo and blue cheese, and the latest spreadable cheese, made from creamy Brie, is a luscious treat.

Kavli’s spreadable cheese contains the highest percentage of cheese of all others on the market. “We melt hard cheese like Edamer and Gouda, add high-quality ingredients such as smoked ham, prawns, or crayfish that we cook in-house, and then pasteurise the spreadable cheese for a longer shelf-life,” explains Mattsson. “This also reduces waste, as people can squeeze out every last bit from the tubes knowing that the content is still fresh.”

Another popular brand in the portfolio is Johnny’s, Sweden’s best-loved mustard, which was originally founded by a charismatic salesman from Söderhamn. Kavli has acquired a number of other beloved local brands, such as Eriks Sauces, turning profits into good causes while maintaining their appeal. Under Kavli Foodservice, the company also develops unique recipes in collaboration with clients such as Max and IKEA, to ensure tasty sauces and dressings in their restaurants.

Kavli: Allocating profits to good causes, to make the world a better place

Commitment to sustainability

Kavli has high ambitions for sustainability and is listed amongst Companies Taking Action, which means that it is working with Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) to reduce emissions in line with climate science. The basis of Kavli’s sustainability efforts to become climate neutral by 2030 is its unique business model and four focus areas: safe and healthy products, production and transport, sourcing and packaging, and people and community.

“It’s a given that we only offer products that are safe for consumers, but our promise also extends to responsible manufacturing with approved ingredients and carefully selected suppliers,” says Mattsson. Kavli’s mayonnaise tubes, for example, were converted to 100 per cent recycled aluminium in 2022, with the spreadable cheese packaging to follow in early 2023.

“Kavli will continue to invest in developing strong, much-loved brands and irresistible food offerings, so we can grow across markets,” he concludes. “Everything is for the good of people and community. It’s what we do.”

Kavli: Allocating profits to good causes, to make the world a better place

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