Voted the best revue in Denmark, Kerteminderevyen is known to leave no stone unturned when it comes to making fun of everyone and everything.

Kerteminderevyen is warm, cocky, moving and, crucially, politically incorrect. That is what won them the prize as the best revue in Denmark two years ago, and if the critics are to be believed, it is what could win them the prize again this year.

The team of performers is the same as that which won the prize for best revue two years ago, consisting of Trine Gadeberg, Kim Hammelsvang, Farshad Kholghi and Marie Mondrup. “I would describe them as explosive, unruly and creative with impressive voices. They are not always easy to control, but that’s what makes them so great together. There is a special energy when they perform,” says Mads Nørby, fondly. He is the owner and director of Kerteminderevyen, and he also appears on stage every now and then during the show.

Kerteminderevyen | The lovable enfant terrible of revues | Scan Magazine

A laugh for everyone

When you attend Kerteminderevyen, you also have the option to enjoy a dinner consisting of a traditional Danish meal before the show. This way, you can properly warm up for a show that is well-known for its ability to make fun of everything and everyone.

“Some revues tend to be a bit too nice and polite, but that’s not the case with Kerteminderevyen. It’s not that we necessarily aim to be the enfant terrible of revues, but it’s just the way it has been for the last few years. We are not afraid of pushing the boundaries, and sometimes we also cross the line,” says Nørby, and adds: “That said, it’s important to understand that we make fun of everything and everyone. We are not tendentious, and you can’t define us as one thing more than the other. We make fun of hypocrisy, greediness, double standards, incompetence and politicians on both the right and the left. We take a satirical look at Danes as well as immigrants when we try to show the society as we see it.”

Kerteminderevyen | The lovable enfant terrible of revues | Scan Magazine

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