For travellers who love small and distinctive spaces, the Konglehytta cabins at Mjøsli in picturesque Strandlykkja are an experience that can’t be missed. Located just 30 minutes from Oslo Airport, the quirky cabins represent the perfect blend of basic and modern, simple and luxurious, unique and comfortable.

The name Konglehytta (pinecone cabin) stems from the cabin’s unusual architecture. The tiny cabins were designed by the Estonian company Iglucraft, which manufactures handcrafted cabins and saunas from natural materials, merging traditional shingle technology with modern craftsmanship. “Konglehytta follows the old Nordic building tradition and techniques that were used for stave churches,” says owner Tormod Tvinnereim. “The cabins’ design, especially the exterior, really set them apart.”

Konglehytta cabins at Mjøsli: Big experiences in a tiny cabin

View of lake Mjøsa from a glamping tent.

Featuring a private sauna and a west-facing terrace with a gorgeous view of Mjøsa, Norway’s biggest lake, the well-equipped cabins are the perfect spot for a memorable getaway. In fact, travel expert Torild Moland included Konglehytta in her book presenting 110 of the most unique overnight stays in Norway. “We feel so proud and happy every time a guest tells us that they enjoyed their stay. We never get tired of that!” Tvinnereim says with a laugh. “Our guests come from all over the world, and we love that people have a great time here.”

Konglehytta cabins at Mjøsli: Big experiences in a tiny cabin

Mjøsli with its many cabins.

The original Konglehytta was established in 2018, and due to its popularity, two more cabins in the same style have since been added. Each cabin sleeps two guests, with space for two more people available in an annexe at an added cost. Alongside the unforgettable experience in Konglehytta, guests can also enjoy a stay in one of the luxurious glamping tents at Mjøsli. “It might be Norway’s best glamping experience,” Tvinnereim says. “Waking up to the beautiful view of Mjøsa is unlike anything else!”

Konglehytta cabins at Mjøsli: Big experiences in a tiny cabin

Sauna in the same style, also designed by Iglucraft.

Fantastic hiking and cycling opportunities await in the local area as well as a pond used for swimming in the warmer months and skating during winter, when the snow also allows for skiing and sledging. Families with kids will find plenty to do, with football and sand volleyball courts, a playground, a trampoline, a disc golf course, a climbing jungle, a bocce court, and an esports gaming area. A farm close by offers horseback riding, while Tangen Zoo is a popular destination for animal lovers. “There are so many fun experiences and activities here – there’s really something for everyone,” says Tvinnereim.

Konglehytta cabins at Mjøsli: Big experiences in a tiny cabin

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