Founded in 1893, Kronans is one of Sweden’s oldest producers of luxury food items.Thanks to an emphasis on traditional recipes and old-school craftsmanship, combined with classic, nostalgic design, the brand is recognised as one of the country’s most iconic.

The Norrland-based company produces a range of delicacies, including jam, cordial, chocolate and glögg, but is perhaps best-known for its cedar ginger biscuits. Made today through the same process as in the early 1900s, and from a recipe that dates back to the 1920s, they epitomise Kronans’ ethos of cherishing history and heritage. “It’s very important for us that this is an authentic product, which has existed unchanged for so many years, and which comes from a tradition of craftsmanship,” explains owner Ulf Broman, who also points out that traditional baking methods ensure that no two biscuits are ever the same.

While a good back-story is one thing, however, the proof of the pudding – or, in this case, biscuit – is in the tasting, and in this respect, Kronans’ biscuits are far from mere museum pieces. With their distinctive, spicy kick, offset by the fresh citrusy tones of cedar oil, the brand has also come to be recognised as amongst the most delicious, twice taking the title of Sweden’s best ginger biscuit.

In fact, such is the prestige of the brand that Kronans has established itself as an ambassador of sorts for Swedish culture. “We are Sweden’s most Swedish brand,” Broman says, pointing out that a large proportion of the company’s sales come from customers of Stockholm Arlanda and Gothenburg Landvetter airports. “Our products are high quality, with a genuine heritage, and are packaged in a way that makes them a unique combination of delicacy, souvenir and present.”

The good news for those not visiting Sweden any time soon is that Kronans cedar ginger biscuits are now available in Germany at Torquato and, over Christmas last year, were even stocked in Arket cafés in Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, London, Liverpool and Birmingham. The company may also soon be exporting to the US, so take the opportunity to sample a little piece of Swedish culinary history, either as a simple treat with a cup of tea or coffee, or with a little dollop of Kronans’ cloudberry jam. “The acidity of the jam and the spice of the biscuit complement each other perfectly,” Ulf Broman promises, “making the perfect appetiser for a welcome drink or aperitif.”


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