Year after year, the Swedes are blind-testing ginger biscuits to crown the tastiest. And year after year, there is one definitive winner – Kronans.

What’s the secret recipe of success? Is it the fact that Kronans uses methods in the manufacturing process that date back to the early 1900s? Perhaps it’s the cedar oil, which brings a unique spiciness to the biscuit? Or might it be that the company is family-driven and cherishes history and heritage? Most likely, it’s a combination of them all, and regardless, Kronans ginger biscuits have an outstanding record of being appointed Best Ginger Biscuit in Sweden – recently by one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden, Expressen. The panel writes, ‘WOW! It looks homemade and beautiful. The notes of citrus are a perfect complement to the spicy flavour. A superb ginger biscuit.’

Kronans: Unbeatable biscuit

The owner of Kronans, Ulf Broman, explains his take on the success: “Our products are high-quality, with a genuine heritage, and are packaged in a way that makes them a unique combination of delicacy, souvenir and present,” he says. They are a popular product at Swedish airports, and the company has noticed a significant demand abroad. “Our export is growing, and we are very proud to be available at retailers in Finland and Germany,” says Broman.

Chocolate and jams are other products in Kronans’ range of delicacies. “The acidity of our cloudberry jam and the spice of the biscuit complement each other perfectly,” Ulf Broman promises, “making the perfect appetiser for a welcome drink or aperitif.”

Kronans: Unbeatable biscuit


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