In this world, where busy calendars, phone screens and constant notifications are the norm, Kuru Resort has gone in the opposite direction. The private, adults-only luxury resort offers guests a chance to switch off from the hectic daily grind and unwind in the breathtaking setting of Finland’s Lake Saimaa.

“Everyone deserves indulgent moments. That thought is at the heart of everything we do. We’re in the business of making sure our guests are able to relax as much as possible,” says Kuru Resort’s CEO, Tiina Seppänen.

The resort is open only for adults and has 20 villas, located in the middle of a breathtakingly beautiful pine-tree forest with a lake view. Each villa has its own bathtub and sauna – and breakfast is delivered to the villa every morning. The villas have been designed with the surrounding nature in mind: the room décor works in harmony with the nature, and each villa has floor-to-ceiling windows.

Kuru Resort: A luxurious retreat for peace-seekers

Located in Rantasalmi, in the Southern Savonia region of Finland, Kuru is all about taking it slow and being gentle. The carefully thought-out details – the smells, the music and materials – are designed to appeal to the senses and help guests calm down and relax. “There is a lot of evidence to support the healing properties of being in nature. The constant flood of information and stimuli puts our minds and bodies under a lot of stress. In order to reverse the effects of this, we need to allow ourselves some time away from the constant demands of our daily lives. At Kuru, guests can be close to nature in a luxury setting. It’s where luxury and nature meet,” Seppänen explains.

From enjoying pampering body treatments at the spa, or at the guests’ private villa, to lounging on the villa’s terrace and taking in the stunning lake views, everything at Kuru Resort is centred on one thing: how to maximise guests’ relaxation. “Small details, like having breakfast brought to you instead of having to get up, can have a big impact. Kuru is more than just a destination. It’s a place where adults can relax and truly forget about the hectic daily grind back home,” Seppänen explains.

Kuru Resort: A luxurious retreat for peace-seekers

Quieten your mind

With a variety of stress-relieving and relaxing activities available, such as yoga, breathwork classes, meditation and sound-bowl sessions, Kuru Resort invites guests to shut out the noise and quieten their minds. A relaxation programme and daily guided relaxation lessons are included in the price of the accommodation. In addition, each villa comes kitted out with a booklet, titled The Art of Relaxation, which includes gentle exercises to support unwinding. “Relaxation can look different for each person. For one person, it can be laying on the terrace in a bathrobe all day – and for someone else, it might be a hike in the forest, or a snowmobile safari. Whatever relaxation looks like for our guests, we are here to make it happen,” says the CEO.

The cherry on top for the ultimate indulgent holiday is a relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatment, of course. Kuru is also the first place in the Nordics to be home to the prestigious Sisley Day Spa. Sisley products utilise essential oils and plant extracts, and their treatments soothe the body and mind through massage rituals from around the world. There are a number of treatments to choose from, and the resort also has a steam sauna and an outdoor hot tub to really make the most out of the relaxation.

Kuru Resort: A luxurious retreat for peace-seekers

Just a short walk from the resort, The Lake Spa incorporates wellness with Finland’s famous Lake Saimaa. The spa is built in the middle of natural rocks, and large windows offer an uninterrupted view of the adjacent Lake Saimaa.

The nature theme extends to Kuru’s restaurant, too: the menu is inspired by Finnish nature and Lake Saimaa. The ingredients are fresh and sourced locally whenever possible. “Our head chef, Remi Trémouille, prepares meals with passion from the purest, freshest locally-sourced ingredients available,” says Seppänen.

Kuru Resort: A luxurious retreat for peace-seekers

“We offer a selection of tailored packages to ensure your vacation is everything you dream of. But the main thing to remember is that, in Kuru, you don’t necessarily need to be doing anything. Being ‘lazy’ and just learning to ‘be’ is the most important activity here,” Seppänen concludes.

Kuru Resort: A luxurious retreat for peace-seekers

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