“Five years ago, I was looking for a box for a Christmas arrangement, but it was near impossible to find one that was durable, beautiful and decorative. Finland is a country full of trees, or green gold, as I like to call them – so how come this seemed like a difficult task? I love the smell of wood and I’ve always loved working with wood, and find that wooden boxes are just so versatile and lovely – and so Laatikkokauppa® was born,” says Kirsi Pitkänen, owner of Laatikkokauppa®. Referring to her business as a handicraft factory, Pitkänen’s passion for her work undeniably shines through in the way she describes her business. “There is no production line here; it’s just me and a carpenter, as well as a handful of sales assistants in our shop, Tapanila, located in Helsinki,” she says.

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