Lady Brewery is an ambitious gypsy brewery in Iceland, run by a creative group with a passion for producing amazing tasting beer and experiences related to beer.

Based in Reykjavik, Iceland, Lady Brewery was born in late 2017. The team behind the gypsy brewery is made up of talented people in the design, arts and food industry. “It all started with three women homebrewing once a week,” says co-founder Þórey Björk Halldórsdóttir. “Soon, it took over everything and we found ourselves brewing all the time, it was strange but funny! Eventually, we set up Lady Brewery, a female-run craft brewery.”

Lady Brewery: Beautifully crafted beers from Iceland

The brewsters aim to give the final product a personality that challenges the traditional and stereotypical view on beer. “We’re interested in where, why and how consumers drink, and their mood,” says Halldórsdóttir. “We want to give people a platform to make their own opinions about beer. To see beer in a different light.”

Focus is on using natural ingredients from good soil and to maintain quality in flavour, drinking experience and visual approach, and Lady Brewery often collaborates with other local businesses such as restaurants, wine bars and hotels, as well as art and design festivals.

Lady Brewery: Beautifully crafted beers from Iceland

Layering flavours

Lady Brewery has three regular beers in its line-up. First Lady is the signature beer, a sophisticated American IPA with citrus and floral notes. Drink Like a Girl is a super fresh, fruity and joyful Hazy Pale Ale. And last but not least, Basic Bitch is a well-balanced lager with Saaz and Triumph hops. A fourth beer is on the way, The Other Woman, an American Blonde Ale with hints of orange.

The creative brewsters are experimenting with special releases throughout the year. For DesignMarch 2023, a design festival hosted in May, they have brewed Pause, a session IPA with exotic notes of pineapple. The brewery also hosts regular tastings with the opportunity to hear about the history of women in brewing, the thought process behind beers, ingredients and recipes, and of course you get to taste some delicious beers.

What is clear is that they love to layer flavours; for instance, by using many different types of hops. Halldórsdóttir’s own favourite is Loksins Loksins (Finally Finally), a Gose with coriander, white pepper, salt from the ocean, Arctic thyme and lime zest. “I just love the idea of this style, a sour salty beer. We brew it every summer and it always sells out!”

Lady Brewery: Beautifully crafted beers from Iceland

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