With winter fast approaching, start planning to tick off some of those top bucket list items, including seeing the northern lights and getting up close with whales. Lofoten Adventure offers local knowledge in addition to experiences you really ought to catch on camera.

Beautifully located in Henningsvær on the dramatic Lofoten Islands in northern Norway, Lofoten Adventure has the best natural conditions to excite its guests with northern lights hunting, sea snorkeling and fishing trips in the hope of catching some of that famous Arctic cod. The biggest winter attraction, however, is the whale safari, where in the middle of winter the adventure enthusiasts take off to look for the popular killer whales. “Visitors from all over the world come to experience their own wild orca moment,” managing director Rolf Malnes says. During the orca season the business operates from a base camp in Andenes in Vesterålen.

The whales follow their main food source, herring, to the waters around Lofoten and Vesterålen, which has been one of the most promising places to spot whales for the past few years. “The herrings move in cycles, and they now keep coming back to this area every winter with the whales in tow. Last year we had sightings on 95 per cent of the trips,” Malnes says. But there is no guarantee that the herrings continue to spend the winters here, so come sooner rather than later.

When winter comes to an end, rest assured that the safari season never ends in Lofoten. In summer visitors come for the Midnight Sun Safari, while others opt for customised packages.

Lofoten Adventure | Experience your own wild orca moment

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