For centuries, guests have retreated to Loka Brunn – now one of Sweden’s foremost contemporary spas – a place for leisure, adventure and recreation.

“People come to Loka to savour the spa, hold conferences, experience the fantastic surrounding nature and enjoy wonderful food,” says Mia Spendrup, the manager of Loka Brunn Hotel and Spa.

Venture into Sweden’s fairytale-like surroundings in the Bergslagen area, where Loka Brunn is located, with its serene nature, mighty lakes and magic forests. Go on excursions and hikes, before unwinding at the spa. Then, indulge in a gourmet meal and stay the night in Loka Brunn’s sister hideaway, Grythyttans Gästgivaregård, just over a kilometre away.

“At Gästgivaregården, we entice guests with one of the most exciting wine cellars in the Nordics, as well as some outstanding gourmet cuisine. Our food is made primarily from Swedish produce, much of it from the local area. We make all bread, cakes and cookies in our in-house bakery,” says Spendrup.

The peaceful spirit of the premises and surroundings create its relaxing atmosphere. Guests can sleep like royalty in the high-quality beds, in thoughtfully designed hotel rooms with uniquely decorated interiors. That’s why, during summer, Loka Brunn and Gästivaregården are firm favourites for the hosting of weddings. “Our welcoming environment, our church at Loka and the opportunity for guests to enjoy great food and stay over make us a popular choice for the big day,” says Spendrup.

Loka Brunn: A gem of relaxation, nestled in serene nature

Strong historic ties

“The Loka community was built in the 18th century and is today a unique site with all 54 buildings on the Lokarna lake. Loka is also home to Sweden’s only spa museum, illustrating both the Swedish and the broader global history of spas,” says Spendrup.

“Gästgivargården itself dates from the 17th century and consists of 21 houses. All houses have had careful renovations, and now make up the village of Grythyttan, with cobblestone streets, narrow alleys and charming wooden houses.”

Spendrup and her team take great pride in preserving the centuries-old traditions of relaxation and calm, and emphasise that the nature itself makes for a memorable, soothing stay. “There are ponds and waterfalls to swim in. In winter, if you are lucky, you can see wolf packs running past on the ice while you take a bath in our warm outdoor pools,” says Spendrup. It sounds like a Swedish fairytale, and it certainly feels like one, too.

Loka Brunn: A gem of relaxation, nestled in serene nature

Dinner prepatations at Grythyttan. Photo: Grythyttan


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