The passion for photography started in New York in 1996 with the purchase of five original prints from the 1920s. Founders of LUMAS, Stefanie Harig and Marc Ullrich, opened a Brick-and-mortar gallery in 2003 in the hopes of spreading their enthusiasm and enabling people to experience and acquire the phenomenal art of photography. Today LUMAS has expanded into over 40 venues world-wide and the Stockholm gallery is by no means straying from the original vision. They strive to make high-quality photographic art affordable and approachable  to everybody and anybody who fancies to broaden their artistic horizons, no matter what background or previous cultural cultivation.

The art of photography has always been an art of the people; relatable and approachable. A slice of life captured in a, not rarely, stunning matter, triggering feelings, afterthought or simply just an admiration of how phenomenal life can be captured through a lens. However, like plenty of other art forms, photography has in many circles become a high brow past time, where people who can afford it are the chosen few who can also enjoy it in their own homes. Luckily, LUMAS is on a mission to bring it all back to a wider audience of art enthusiasts and young collectors.

LUMAS | Affordable, approachable and astonishing photographic art | Scan Magazine

Under the Canopy, Roman Johnston – 100×151 cm, modern frameless, approximately £1149

Affordable, approachable and astonishing

Visiting LUMAS is more like visiting a photographic art collector’s living room, rather than a gallery or boutique. The idea is to put the art into an everyday context and give a sense of how the art would look in your own home. And hanging a LUMAS piece on your own wall is far from unrealistic. Where many art galleries focus on selling highly exclusive photographs, or small limited collections to established collectors or museums, LUMAS work with hand-signed originals in limited editions, usually of 75-150  photos in order to make them affordable to more people. With the same high quality as their competition, but with lower prices, they welcome curious visitors and new collectors and will this autumn host lectures and events for those interested in the picturesque art scene.

The appreciation of LUMAS and their concept has been on a grand scale world-wide, something Sophie Tillquist, Gallery Director in Stockholm, Sweden, explains partly with the growing interest in photography as a whole. “The global interest for amateur photographing is something that has increased massively in a relatively short time,” she says. “Obviously, when people start to take photographs they open up their eyes to the art scene as well. Another reason for the popularity is that photo art is very relatable. It’s direct and often concrete and speaks to a lot of people, whether they are involved with the art scene or not.”

LUMAS | Affordable, approachable and astonishing photographic art | Scan Magazine

Left: Early Morning Sun, Andreas Kock – 90×120 cm, modern frameless, approximately £740| Right: (From Lumas’ unique Vogue Collection) Anouk Amieé, Bert Stern, 70×67 cm, modern frameless, approximately £398

A broader range for a broader audience

With a portfolio containing over 1,800 pieces by approximately 200 photographers, LUMAS offers a huge range for individual tastes and styles. “Our Stockholm gallery exhibits and sells a relevant selection covering many various categories, such as architecture, fashion, nature and portraits. On our website people are able to order pieces from our entire global selection but if people need help they are welcome to stop by for a chat,” says Sophie. “With a wide selection like ours it can be difficult finding what you’re after, so we help people navigate and find their way based on their preferences, interests and budget.”

LUMAS’ goal is that anybody, no matter what background or previous knowledge, will get something out of a visit. Their Limited Editions consists of hand-signed prints all coming with a Certificate of Authenticity. LUMAS contractually stipulates the limits of the edition which acts a guarantee that neither LUMAS nor the artist will produce more of the edition in the future. The handwritten signature makes it an original and increases its value.

LUMAS | Affordable, approachable and astonishing photographic art | Scan Magazine

Left: Izar, Billy & Hells – 80x60cm, shadow gap frame, approximately £400

Art for everyone

The main purpose of LUMAS is to inspire each and every one interested in the art of photography. The notion that art should be for us all has before been mostly a utopia, where the art enthusiast often has been the one who can afford to pay the staggering gallery prices. LUMAS was created to close the gap between the art and a broader audience and create a more democratic meeting place for people passionate about the prints. Something that continues to be a wonderful and wide success.

Stop by the Stockholm LUMAS gallery and marvel for yourself.
Sturegatan 16
114 36, Stockholm

Don’t miss the upcoming events and lectures sure to broaden and deepen your understanding of the art form of photography.

For more information and complete collections, please visit

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