Wiveca P. Almgren was only 20 years old when she took over the family business, located in the south of Sweden. Today, several years later, she continues to pursue her father’s dream of shaping a company that develops, produces, imports and sells frozen products from the plant kingdom, focusing on the organic and convenience aspects.

“Closeness, authenticity and inspiration – these are the core values of Magnihill,” says P. Almgren, CEO and owner at Magnihill. “Long-lasting relationships with our farmers, producers, customers and employees are extremely important to us, always with high-quality organic products in focus.”

The company is devoted to sustainability and the idea of going back to basics. “We build long-term relationships with our growers,” explains P. Almgren. “We look for the best, traditional, and maybe forgotten varieties, and question why these are not grown more frequently here in Sweden. We are reaching a point where both consumers and restaurants are demanding quality over a low price.”

The perks of frozen vegetables are many, such as harvesting the products when they are at their best and ready to be eaten. Freezing them shortly after not only preserves the vitamins and nutrition, but also ensures the freshness, taste, smell and texture of raw, ripe vegetables, free from preservatives.

A large portion of the company’s products is organic, and Magnihill works with renewable energy and fossil-free fuels. The company puts great emphasis on quality and the environment at all levels –from seed and cultivation to production, the freezing process, packaging and stocking. “The sustainability work we do is always ongoing. Our actions today will affect generations to come,” concludes P. Almgren.

Magnihill: Frozen goodness – from seed to plate

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