Award-winning Swedish brand MARIA ÅKERBERG has taken skincare to the next level with innovations such as salon treatments with live plant-based stem cells and lactic acid fermentation, yet always with nature and people in focus.

Leading Swedish skincare brand MARIA ÅKERBERG was set up by Maria and Mikael Åkerberg
in 1995 and is still family-owned today. At the factory in the coastal town of Frillesås, the brand manufactures nourishing organic skincare, hair and beauty products based on all-natural minerals and organic ingredients.

“We wanted to make a difference with skincare that brings out our natural beauty and nourishes deep within the skin for lasting results,” says Maria Åkerberg, founder and CEO. “It’s an idea that still guides us in everything we do. We want to make the world a more beautiful place, one natural product at a time.”

The business is constantly growing and developing, with a newly extended factory and an annual turnover of some 100 million Swedish kroner. As one of the leading players in the Swedish market, MARIA ÅKERBERG was named Sweden’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2017, and Founder of the Year 2021 by Founders Alliance, with special recognition given to the brand’s research and innovation, and to its motivation towards caring for people and nature.

MARIA ÅKERBERG: Natural skincare, on a whole new level

Treatment with live plant-based stem cells

The first brand in the world to do so, MARIA ÅKERBERG has taken natural skincare to a whole new level with live plant-based stem cells. The unique Pure Cell Treatment is a deeply nourishing reconstructive salon facial treatment that accelerates the skin’s repair system with rose root, for long-term positive effects.

Rose root is known as ‘the root of the Arctic’ and grows naturally in the Swedish archipelago and eastern Siberia. It has a long history as a medicinal plant within traditional medicine, thanks to anti-inflammatory properties and its high antioxidant content, and is known as ‘the’ anti-aging supplement of the 21st century. What makes MARIA ÅKERBERG’s version of the treatment unique is the use of live cells.

“The live cells are extracted from rose root and then massaged, freshly squeezed, into the skin,” explains Åkerberg. “The treatment harnesses nature’s most powerful antioxidants and vitamins that are embedded in the plant’s cell membrane. The effect is immediate and long lasting.”

MARIA ÅKERBERG: Natural skincare, on a whole new level

Deepskin Organics anchors brand promise

The brand’s philosophy is to provide organic and natural skincare that nourishes deep within the skin for lasting results. Åkerberg calls this promise Deepskin Organics, and it guides the direction of all of the products – from skincare to hair treatments and makeup. Following users’ needs and the latest research, the team is constantly improving on existing and new products. Several have won awards: Serum C, for instance, was named Product of the Year 2021 in the Organic Beauty Awards.

MARIA ÅKERBERG: Natural skincare, on a whole new level

Left: Founders Maria and Mikael Åkerberg.

The makeup products have turned out to be a big hit. “Whilst organic skincare has been popular for a long time, until recently, organic makeup has had a bad reputation within the market,” says Åkerberg. “Thanks to big clients such as The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, we have proved that our makeup works and lasts, and it looks good. What we like is that you don’t need to transform into someone else, you can just become a more beautiful version of yourself.”

New releases this autumn include a reiteration of Liquid Foundation, with a new formula for even easier use and more even results. MARIA ÅKERBERG is also introducing a new Cleansing Milk that penetrates the skin and dissolves dirt and impurities, with a mild exfoliating effect thanks to natural lactic acid fermentation.

MARIA ÅKERBERG: Natural skincare, on a whole new level

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