The Finnish, family-owned company Martinex was founded in 1986 and remains a well-established distributor and manufacturer of board games, puzzles, toys, clothes, bags and interiors. By staying up to date with the current trends in the world of board games and well-loved cartoons, they’ve come to create a popular product range – from quiz games to children’s pyjamas, featuring familiar faces like Pippi Longstocking, Moomin and Mamma Moo.

“We are proud to have something for everyone in the family. Our games can be played by children from 18 months, but we also have games that are 17+ years. We want to entertain the whole family,” says Jenni Jalava. She’s the product manager for Peliko Games and Toys – the name behind the popular quiz game Smart10.

Smart10 is a quiz game in a smart box, where everything you need is packed neatly in a small, easily-transportable box. The game contains 200 questions, and no one needs to be the card reader – the game is designed so that everyone can play at once. With fun and challenging questions, both children and adults can play together. Smart10 comes in both a junior and a 14+ version, and expansion packs in a variety of themes are also available. It is perfect for travel, passing the time, or relaxing together. The game is translated into 18 languages and is stocked by all good board-game retailers.

Martinex: A love for entertainment

Smart10 in English.


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