MarZio seamlessly combines timeless design with century-old Italian craftsmanship. This year, the shoe brand celebrates its 25th anniversary with a collection of its most iconic designs.

Founded in Stockholm in 1999, MarZio is a family business dedicated to handmade Italian shoes. The brand has an uncompromising commitment to artisanal craftsmanship. The artisans, trained in the traditions of Italian shoemaking, handcraft each shoe with meticulous attention to detail.

MarZio: Handmade shoes with a passion since 1999

“My father’s vision was to introduce handcrafted Italian shoes to Sweden. Alongside his passion for the craftsmanship, and the unparalleled comfort and fit that it brings, he also aimed to infuse Swedish fashion with a vibrant palette of colours,” says Sara Jahed. It has proven to be an unbeatable combination and 25 years on, MarZio remains.

”We never compromise on quality,” Jahed says. “This dedication to artisanal excellence is what sets MarZio shoes apart, and is also why we have such a loyal and continuously growing clientele. Our customers recognise and value the exceptional quality of our products. They also trust that each pair not only meets their high standards, but also carries with it a rich narrative.”

MarZio: Handmade shoes with a passion since 1999

Over 100 steps by hand

MarZio is a celebration of craftsmanship and design. All shoes are expertly handmade in long-term partnerships with small family-owned factories in Italy. The production is a sophisticated process that has developed over generations. Together with these carefully selected factories, the family has been able to develop unique models made of the finest leathers.

MarZio: Handmade shoes with a passion since 1999

“The shoes are handmade, with over 100 separate steps carried out,” says Jahed. “We believe that if you don’t intervene with your hands, the results will be without a soul. Thus, our products resonate with a profound sense of identity and purpose, infusing each step with soulful character.”

The range comprises both women’s and men’s shoes and includes, for example, loafers, slingbacks and pumps, sandals, sneakers and boots, and more. The models are timeless and of remarkable quality, in fact, many of the early designs are still relevant today. Quality has been the saviour for the brand and whilst many others have been forced to close, MarZio is still going strong. This year, MarZio celebrates its 25th anniversary and will launch a special collection this autumn highlighting some of its biggest icons.

MarZio: Handmade shoes with a passion since 1999

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