… who thinks our obsession with ‘the latest thing’ is becoming a bit too much?

Phones, laptops, tablets and especially TVs seem to be spewn out in a new model each and every year. The iPhone has made it the new normal – from iPhone I to X and 11 and Pro and Max and so forth. We have gotten used to thinking that once a year, it’s time to upgrade, and most carriers have made systems that make sure we follow this rule like lemmings running for our doom.

But have you ever thought about whether it makes sense to upgrade? Your phone? Your MacBook? Your TV? A new TV was just launched, called 8000K. But how much better is it, and can you even tell the difference between that and its predecessor? You might say yes without thinking or even checking – and, of course, logically, 8000K pixels are better than 4000K, but do any broadcasters even film anything in a high enough quality for you to enjoy it on your new 8000K TV?

The answer is no! Just like with HD, when they launched the ‘must-have’ high definition buzz words. It took years before broadcasters even started to give us programming filmed in HD so that we could get bang for the buck we had put down. Netflix, for example, didn’t do HD-recorded shows until very recently.

I am not one to point fingers. Almost nine years ago, we bought a 3D-ready TV. Only minor thing: you had to buy the 3D glasses also, and – surprise! – nine years later, we still haven’t gotten around to buying them, because so little TV is available in 3D that it seems silly sitting with your 3D goggles, waiting for James Cameron’s next instalment of Avatar.

And while I am at it with killing the joy of ‘must-have’ technology for your family altar on the wall: having an 8000K TV will seriously suck any life out of your internet connection and drain your broadband (God forbid you have a limit on your account). So, hang onto your 1080P TV a little longer, particularly because TV broadcasters and streaming services have long ago figured out that we watch so much content on our phones anyhow, so what do you need that pixel perfect HD-LED-ULED-QLED-8000K-Gazillion-Pixel-Perfect picture for? You only have six inches, or less, in your hand most of the time.

Mette Lisby is Denmark’s leading female comedian. She invites you to laugh along with her monthly humour columns. Since her stand-up debut in 1992, Mette has hosted the Danish version of Have I Got News For You and Room 101.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Scan Magazine.

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