Minesto is the Swedish marine energy technology developer that started life as a spin-off from the aerospace company Saab. In 2006, engineer Magnus Landberg invented the concept behind an underwater kite that generates electricity from tidal streams and ocean currents. Today, this has developed into a unique form of ocean energy technology and a successful company, which has recently launched a product line under the name Dragon Class.

Briefly explained, the technology generates electricity from tidal streams and ocean currents by a unique and patented principle, similar to a kite flying in the wind. A wing uses the hydrodynamic lift force created by the underwater current to move the kite. With an onboard control system, the kite is autonomously steered in a predetermined figure-of-eight trajectory, pulling the turbine through the water at a water flow several times higher than the actual stream speed. The turbine shaft turns the generator which outputs electricity to the grid via a power cable in the tether and a seabed umbilical to the shore. The functionality and power production of the underwater kites have been verified by ocean testing at various scales and locations.

Minesto: The race to net zero: clean electricity via underwater kites

Minesto’s headquarters are in Gothenburg, Sweden but there are also established sites in Europe and in Asia, helping both demonstrate the technology and support the commercial roll-out of the company’s unique products. Dr Martin Edlund, CEO at Minesto, explains “one of our missions here at Minesto is to enable large-scale electricity production globally from areas where no other known renewable technology can operate. It is something that will significantly increase sustainability and security of supply.” Edlund continues, “In many connected areas of expertise, we have teamed up with world-leading companies and research institutes, who all contribute to the technology and the product development on a daily basis”.

Minesto: The race to net zero: clean electricity via underwater kites

Minesto was representing Sweden at the global climate conference COP27 in 2022, as one of 18 companies all who are considered leaders in the green transition. And CEO Edlund is optimistic: “it is a privilege to be working with such cutting-edge technology. We are all very proud to be part of something that we know will contribute to a better climate and a better environment.”

The need for clean energy technology in the global energy transition has never been clearer, and this Swedish invention is one of the vanguards in the fight against climate change.

Minesto: The race to net zero: clean electricity via underwater kites

Web: www.minesto.com
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