Are you inspired by sleek and timeless Scandinavian design? Then look no further than Møbelgalleriet Moss in Norway. This independent, high-end furniture shop is on a mission to make houses into beautiful homes.

From the moment you step into the store, to the moment that brand-new sofa or dining table is carefully placed in your home, the staff at Møbelgalleriet Moss are there to help you curate your perfect, personalised space.

“We’re not simply a furniture shop,” owner Ann Karin Justad says. “We’re a driven crew who care first and foremost about providing the best advice for each individual customer and home.”

Being a sixth-generation furniture dealer, marketing manager Håkon Borg spent most of his life learning about the industry. Like him, interior consultants Lisbeth Andreassen and Mette Folden have spent many years learning about and perfecting the trade. “We value passion and extensive knowledge in our store,” says Mette. “That’s how we can provide the best possible tailored service.”

Andreassen jokes that customers can expect full “interrogations” on everything from their wall sizes to floor plans. “It might seem a bit much, but it’s so we can make sure that they get the right piece for their home,” she says.

So, whether you’re on a mission to find the perfect dining table or are just looking to browse, the staff at Møbelgalleriet Moss will welcome you with open arms, a cup of coffee and all the answers to your interior-related questions.

Møbelgalleriet Moss: Furniture for timeless Nordic interiors

Left: Chair by Eiklund. Right: Mette and a customer in Sven Ivar Dysthes Model 1001.

A new adventure

The store was established by Borg’s father in 1993 and simply went by the name Møbelgalleriet, until the ownership transfer in 2021, which launched it into a new, exciting era. “Since 2021, the shop has found its own voice and sense of style. We’ve been able to curate a space that makes us unique,” Borg says.

He adds that the re-launch has allowed them to focus on Nordic and Scandinavian designs and values, giving them a clearer vision. “Scandinavians are known for producing high-quality products and sensible designs, which also focus on comfort and durability,” he says. “This fits our mission to promote more timeless, sustainable furniture.”

Being an independent store, Møbelgalleriet Moss can play around in ways chain stores might not be able to. With their new vision and recently extended store, the team at Møbelgalleriet Moss have also used the shop to promote local, Norwegian artists.

“We’re a collocated furniture environment and display space that can exhibit up to 1,200 square metres of high-end furniture,” Justad says. “Our customer group appreciate good art and culture, so hosting exhibitions and featuring art pieces allows us to both promote excellent Norwegian artistry while also being creative in our own curation,” adds Borg. The exhibitions have featured artists such as Ine Bache-Wiig, Guttorm Nordø and Tobias Ryen Amundsen.

The future is Nordic, timeless and sustainable

The team at Møbelgalleriet Moss might have welcomed a new vision for the store, but they have also made sure not to forget the shop’s most important quality: timelessness.

“Many of our pieces in the shop today were designed 60 years ago, but they’re still popular with our customers,” says Borg. “Our goal is that when someone finds one of our current pieces in the attic in 100 years, it’ll be met with excitement.”

“It’s important to us that the pieces we sell today survive the many storms of passing trends,” Justad says. “They need to be of high and durable quality, while also being functional and timeless, which is why we prefer selling Scandinavian products.”

The focus on durability, quality and timelessness is in line with the company’s goal to be a long-lasting and green design option. “We prioritise showcasing Norwegian items because we know that the quality is excellent and that production happens in Norway,” Justad says. “That way, if a sofa, for example, needs additional stuffing after years of wear and tear, the customers can get that through the producer rather than throwing away a perfectly good couch.”

To the team at Møbelgalleriet Moss, national production that requires minimal transportation isn’t only important because of the environment. “It’s also important to us that we help to create local workplaces,” adds Mette. “After all, no one knows how to create Norwegian products better than Norwegians.”

Møbelgalleriet Moss: Furniture for timeless Nordic interiors

Left: Fogia Bollo Chair in Vintage Cognac. Right: From left: Mette, Ann Karin, Lisbeth and Håkon.

Visit the store – only a 45-minute drive from Oslo.

Møbelgalleriet Moss
Ekholtveien 114
1526 Moss

Can’t drive the furniture home yourself?

No problem! The staff personally ensure safe home deliveries and provide followup help even after the furniture has been placed in your home.

Instagram: @mobelgallerietmoss2020
Facebook: Møbelgalleriet Moss

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