MULL° drinks is tapping into the global trend of mindful consumption. As more consumers worldwide move away from alcoholic beverages in search of sophisticated non-alcohol alternatives, its range of tasty drinks is set to take the world by storm.

Estonia, despite its small size, has emerged as a vibrant hub of innovation. The country is known for its pristine natural landscapes and clean air. It’s also home to MULL° drinks, a company crafting Estonian sparkling wines and alcohol-free sparkling drinks.

MULL° drinks: Drinks crafted with love in Northern Europe

Although MULL° drinks is a small business, it has grown to become a leading brand – known for its non-alcohol drinks in particular – in Estonia. The company’s alcohol-free line, including the market-leading MULL° NULL range, delights consumers with its bubbly, semi-dry sparkling drinks, showcased in a sumptuous champagne bottle and made from a blend of local fruits without any added preservatives or flavourings.

MULL° drinks: Drinks crafted with love in Northern Europe

Market leader of a global trend

MULL° isn’t just in the business of crafting exceptional beverages; it wants to foster a culture of mindful consumption. In recent years, a new global trend has emerged where consumers are moving away from alcoholic drinks and increasingly seeking non-alcohol alternatives. Recognising that people are seeking higher quality experiences, the company aims to provide alternatives that allow individuals to enjoy their life to the fullest.

“We have noticed a shift towards consumers wanting more choice when it comes to alcohol-free drinks, and especially younger people seem to be increasingly looking for alternatives to alcohol,” says Lauri Sild, founder and CEO.

MULL° drinks: Drinks crafted with love in Northern Europe

Long gone are the days when consumers would have to be content with juice or tap water. “Nowadays, there are plenty of options available to alcohol and we’re excited to be ahead of the curve with our alcohol-free drinks range,” he continues.

MULL° drinks: Drinks crafted with love in Northern Europe

Endless love for rhubarb

At the heart of the company’s philosophy is a commitment to using carefully selected raw materials, infused with passion and a deep belief in the excellence of the product. Recently, the company has expanded its sales, with products currently sold in Australia, Korea and Japan. “We have become a household name in Estonia and our drinks are being served in Michelin-star restaurants and embassies around the world. Next, we’re looking at expanding into even more countries,” Sild states.

According to Sild, rhubarb is a relatively unknown and underutilised ingredient in some countries and he wants the rest of the world to discover its beauty and fantastic taste. “We adore rhubarb. It’s a versatile ingredient, and organic rhubarb juice makes a great base for our drinks,” he explains. “In Estonia, rhubarb is the same as grapes in France, you can make lots of things from it and it produces excellent, refreshing and full-bodied drinks with nuanced flavours. Our well-balanced dry sparkling drinks feature the best of what rhubarb has to offer.”

MULL° also has a range of alcoholic sparkling wines, which are made from rhubarb and mixed with berries. “As with all our products, quality comes first. And, true to our style, our alcoholic beverages also contain no added sugar or artificial flavourings,” the CEO confirms.

“We’re in the business of creating high-quality and tasty beverages and we don’t skimp on the quality of the ingredients we use. Our success is a testament to the excellent taste and craftsmanship in our products, and our range represents pure indulgence for our customers. We’re excited to be expanding our reach and introducing our flavours to new audiences,” he concludes.

MULL° drinks: Drinks crafted with love in Northern Europe
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