Nordic Honey’s story began with a generational love for beekeeping. Today, founder Taavi Tull’s commitment to sustainable practices and organic honey shines through in each thoughtfully crafted jar of nature’s golden nectar.

Nordic Honey’s owner Taavi Tull has only been making his living from his honey production for a few decades, but he has been in love with honey ever since he got a summer job as a beekeeper as an 18-year-old. “That’s really where I learnt all about what an amazing and versatile product honey is. Although you could say that beekeeping runs in my blood: my father was a beekeeper, and I’ve always been around bees,” he says.

Nordic Honey: Organic honey with a bee-autiful legacy

The organic white tea blends in beautifully with the unique flavour of birch leaves and the fruity tanginess of raspberries.

Nordic Honey’s honey is organic, which means that all its honey comes from apiaries that adhere to strict organic production standards. Moreover, the company has partnered with a handful of small apiaries in order to ensure the best quality.

“It’s very important that our honey has full traceability. The apiaries we partner with are away from the pollution of noisy highways, factories and chemically fertilised fields, and we know all of them personally. We want to support organic beekeepers and do our bit in ensuring a better and cleaner tomorrow for us and the whole planet,” Tull says.

Nordic Honey: Organic honey with a bee-autiful legacy

Bees have been living on Earth for about 30 million years. An average worker bee lives about six weeks and produces 1/12 teaspoons of honey during its lifetime. “Honey is a unique and special product, and it was important for me to sell it in a way that honours that,” Tull continues. And in that, he has succeeded. Nordic Honey’s signature glass jars with handcrafted wooden lids, show the level of thought and care put into the products.

From boutique shops to corporate gifts or special treats to loved ones, Nordic Honey’s products suit every kind of occasion. In addition to honey and gift sets, the company’s selection includes organic chocolate as well as tea blends. “We want to share our love for honey, and inspire people to enjoy honey in new ways and discover exquisite gastronomic pairings you have never tried before,” Tull concludes.

Nordic Honey: Organic honey with a bee-autiful legacy

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