Scan Magazine’s brilliant Sanna Halmekoski has once again hit the streets of London to find out what the Scandinavian fashion fanatics are wearing. Cool, sleek, and full of statements, this is a little piece of Scandiland in the United Kingdom.

Michael Maximilian Moss

Danish co-founder and CEO of an AI media tech start-up,

“I have to make a lot of decisions every day for work, and deciding what to wear daily is not something I want to worry about. I have several similar socks, T-shirts, jeans and shoes. I travel a lot and try to dress as casually as possible while looking presentable. I often wear a white shirt and jeans, never a full suit. I wear my clothes for as long as I can and try not to buy unnecessary stuff. Today my shoes are by Hugo Boss, my jeans are by Armani, the jacket is by Mango, and the turtleneck is by Zara.”

Left to right: Michael Maximilian Moss | Wilma Drots | Alexander Klingspor

Wilma Drots

Finnish barrista, @wilmadrots

“My style is quite relaxed. I like to wear comfortable clothes, and I wear a lot of black. I like tattoos because they please my eye. I don’t wear very colourful clothes, so my tattoos brighten up the look. I try to mostly shop at vintage and second-hand shops. When I am in Finland, I often share clothes with my sister. My dress is from Oxfam, my shoes are by Vans, and the jacket is by Cheap Monday. The ring was made by my boyfriend in a work-shop where we made rings for each other.”

Left to right: Michael Maximilian Moss | Wilma Drots | Alexander Klingspor

Alexander Klingspor

Swedish artist, @alexanderklingspor

“I would call my style confused bohemian. ‘Confused’ because I have no idea what my style is. I usually wear jeans, T-shirts and trainers. I am also confused about how the paint got onto my jeans. I like to shop in stores, but sometimes I buy online. My shoes are by Saucony, the jumper is by Aviator Nation, the robe is by Black Ficus, the jeans are by Ac-ne Studios, the jeans with paint are by Nudie, the T-shirt is by American Eagle Outfitters, the hat is from Union Square in NYC, and the glasses are by Warby Parker.”

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