Nordiska Kök challenges convention with a digital solution for kitchen design. The customer’s journey, from inspiration to purchase, is handled digitally but all kitchens are custom-made and built from scratch. Premium kitchens at an affordable price – this is the future of kitchen design.

Established in 2017, Nordiska Kök has a vision to challenge the conventional way to sell and build kitchens. “Traditionally, it has been very expensive for private consumers to buy premium, custom-made kitchens,” says Johan Lundkvist, co-founder and creative director, who started the business together with Magnus Vansvik and André Strömblad. “With Nordiska Kök, we wanted to change this and offer high-quality design kitchens but at an affordable price, by taking the kitchen sector into the digital era.”

Nordiska Kök: Bespoke quality kitchens in Scandinavian design

Daniel Berlin’s Vyn Restaurant in Österlen, designed by Nordiska Kök.

Inspired by e-commerce, the business is based on a digital solution. It’s a new approach; no retailers are used, no home visits are conducted, and there are no staffed showrooms. Instead, customers get in touch with the team of designers online. “We can offer high-end design kitchens, fully custom-made, at a price that is no more expensive than mass-produced standard kitchens, thanks to our digital process,” says Lundkvist. “It’s possible to plan for a more financially sustainable solution from the outset, and the kitchen will look fantastic.”

The team collaborates with leading interior architects, designers and profiles, and is often featured in Swedish and international press, which praises the unique design approach and digital business idea. Nordiska Kök’s design can be seen for instance in one of Sweden’s most renowned restaurants, Daniel Berlin’s Vyn Restaurant in Österlen, which has recently been awarded with two Michelin stars. Not surprisingly, the company has received multiple awards, including EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Business of the Year, and the prestigious Stora Formpriset by Residence Magazine.

Nordiska Kök: Bespoke quality kitchens in Scandinavian design

Quality and flexibility design

The kitchens are made to order and built from scratch in the company’s own local carpentry outside Gothenburg. Every kitchen is custom-made and takes into account the measurements as well as the customer’s needs and preferences in terms of design, material and colour. In a way, it brings back the creativity and flexibility to the customer. “As the manufacturing takes place in our own carpentry, we can ensure premium quality throughout, from order to delivery, which is crucial for us,” adds Lundkvist.

Nordiska Kök has an unmanned concept showroom in Ekerö, outside Stockholm, and will soon open similar showrooms in the Gothenburg and Oslo areas. Customers can book an appointment to familiarise themselves with the kitchens and the quality, at their own pace in an inspiring setting. “But the fact is that over 80 per cent of our customers buy a kitchen unseen, as in they have not seen a kitchen in reality,” adds the co-founder. “Therefore, it becomes even more important that we live up to their expectations on design and quality once the kitchen is in place in their home.”

Nordiska Kök: Bespoke quality kitchens in Scandinavian design

Social media and European expansion

With its innovative digital process and continued growth, Nordiska Kök is a strong challenger to traditional kitchen companies both within Sweden’s borders and now also in Europe. “Since the beginning, we have seen a high demand from abroad, above all because all our communication channels are global,” says Lundkvist. In fact, Nordiska Kök is one of the world’s leading kitchen design accounts on social media with around 300,000 followers on Instagram.

As of November 2022, Nordiska Kök delivers to most countries in Europe. The main markets right now are Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the UK. “We have received an incredibly positive response, which is great fun,” Lundkvist concludes. “We will continue to produce premium kitchens from scratch in our carpentry outside Gothenburg to ensure cost-effective production and the highest quality.”

Nordiska Kök: Bespoke quality kitchens in Scandinavian design

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