Since 1922, the traditional shop Norsk Flid Husfliden Tromsø has been specialising in providing the best of Norwegian and local design as well as national costumes from Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. Here, in the shop located in the city centre of Tromsø in northern Norway, you will find everything from yarn, clothes, homeware and crafts to unique gifts, and all in a welcoming atmosphere.

“The shop is originally from 1922, and was established back then so that the farmers outside the city would have an outlet for selling their craft products also in the city,” says shop manager Marianne Dukureh Lakselv. Today, this charming shop is almost 100 years old and still located in the city centre of Tromsø. It has, however, had several facelifts over the years to keep with the times, but its vision has always been based on a common interest in Norwegian design and traditional crafts among those who work there.

“We have a big love for Norwegian design, and especially what is created in our local area, so we are bringing the original concept with us through to today,” says Lakselv. With Norwegian design on the rise, Norsk Flid Husfliden Tromsø is committed to promoting all the great things created in Norway at the moment.

Norsk Flid Husfliden Tromsø | A love for Norwegian design and local crafts, Scan Magazine

Everything from Mariusgenser to Røros Tweed blankets

In the homely shop, you will find a substantial selection of products hand-picked by Lakselv and her team, from the traditional classic-knitted Mariusgenser jumper and woven fabrics from Charlotte Engstad to utensils for kitchens and baking, slippers, yarn and an array of pieces from local craftsmen, but also by Scandinavian designers. “It is a great place to visit if you are looking for things for the home, a unique gift for someone or to get a genuine memory to bring with you home from your visit to Norway,” Lakselv says.

She is proud to reveal that Norsk Flid Husfliden Tromsø has a new collaboration project with Røros Tweed, a Norwegian brand producing beautiful blankets made of 100 per cent Norwegian wool. “We have our own collection from Røros Tweed, steeped in local history, which we helped design. It consists of three custom blankets named Nordlys, Snø and Tromsøpalme, and we are so excited about it,” she explains. This collection is available exclusively at Norsk Flid Husfliden Tromsø.

Experts on ‘bunad’

With its own sewing room section in-store, at Norsk Flid Husfliden Tromsø you’ll find experts on ‘bunad’, the Norwegian national costume, from the local area. “You can send in all the different types of Norway’s more than 100 bunad for fixing in our sewing room, but only the costumes from Nordland, Troms and Finnmark are made here,” Lakselv explains. Because buying a national costume is something very personal, the team of seven seamstresses strive to provide you with personal service and close follow-ups until you are satisfied. “They can customise, adjust and fix your old bunad to make it look as good as new. Tourists love to come in and have a look since these costumes are so decorative and typically Norwegian.”

After thorough research, Norsk Flid Husfliden Tromsø has prepared a new design based on the northern Norwegian national costume traditions. “Northern Norway was known for trade with the outside world and sometimes, back in the day, the man came home with purchases from near and far. As a result, northern Norway’s party costume can be varied in colour and pattern of the shirt, apron and silk scarf alike, depending on what the heart pleases,” Lakselv says.

Norsk Flid Husfliden Tromsø | A love for Norwegian design and local crafts, Scan Magazine

Cosy in the yarn area

In addition, Norsk Flid Husfliden Tromsø has a large and extensive yarn department with selected Scandinavian brands such as Rauma Ullvare, Sandnesgarn, Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, Navia fra Færøyene and Isager Fra Danmark. All employees obtain professional expertise and share a great passion for knitting, and they’re happy to help you get started or further develop your craft project. Lakselv welcomes everyone to come in for a chat. “The coffee machine is ready, so feel free to come down to sit in our cosy sofa corner, knit and chat. We are very happy when we get visitors,” she smiles.

Give back to the community

Norsk Flid Husfliden Tromsø is owned by a foundation that supports craftwork in the Troms region. “A part of any profit we make in the shop goes to Stiftelsen til Fremme av Husflidssaken i Troms (‘the foundation for the promotion of craft in Troms’). This is because we want to help the local design and crafts community grow,” says Lakselv. This year, almost half a million Norwegian kroner was donated, funding things like training, courses, book publishing and material costs. “It is very nice to give something back and be a part of helping young and promising craftsmen in the area.”

Norsk Flid Husfliden Tromsø | A love for Norwegian design and local crafts, Scan Magazine

Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 10am to 4.50pm
Thursday: 10am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 3pm

Facebook: norskflidtromso
Instagram: @norskflidtromso

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