Truly close to nature


It is not possible to find the way to Nyrups Naturhotell on your own, and so all guests receive special instructions before arrival. Nor can you drive all the way there — guests must hike the last kilometre at least, and many choose to come via public transport, followed by a five-kilometre hike. Nyrups Naturhotell is truly a pure nature experience.

No electricity, running water or Wi-Fi. and a shared outdoor kitchen. It might sound terrifying to some, but founders Camilla Jönsson and Cecilia Timmer are certain that getting close to nature, and being given a chance to log off, is something we all need more of. “Our Naturhotell is a real outdoor experience, but it’s a comfortable stay,” Jönsson explains. “We have designed the experience around people who are relatively unused to being out in nature.”

Six Mongolian woollen yurts, with two or three beds in each, are freely placed in the beautiful, deep Scanian beech forest. “Falling asleep with rain dripping onto the canvas and waking up to birdsong and the natural sunlight is an amazing experience,” Jönsson says. The venue also provides an outdoor kitchen and a common ‘Motherhut’, where guests can always enjoy the heat from the stove.

Cook locally produced food over an open fire

Most guests opt for food packages, where locally sourced ingredients are prepared, ready for their arrival. “I designed the food concept with the idea of bringing people close to the fire and to enable them to discover what amazing things we can do with local produce over fire. We give them all the necessary tools and instructions, but a big part of the experience is to explore and try for yourself,” Jönsson says.

Hike, explore and experience a mental presence

During the day, there are many ‘close-to-nature experiences’ to be discovered in the immediate surroundings. Hikes of all different levels are the most popular, while other sightseeing suggestions include a 180 million-year-old volcano or one of the many lakes.

For larger groups, Jönsson and Timmer are very happy to create bespoke programmes and can help to arrange tree climbing, cheese walks, bat safaris, cooking classes and much more. Nyrups Naturhotell is also an ideal location at which to host a unique conference or training course. “You will get guaranteed mental presence from your attendants,” Jönsson promises.

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