Olof Viktors is the Swedish mecca for pastry lovers, where quality runs through every line of production. Bread, pastries, cakes and more are crafted by hand using the finest ingredients, and are available in their café in the idyllic Österlen, Scania, as well as wholesale in Sweden and abroad. As summer approaches, the team is looking forward to another busy season where bubbling creativity and supreme flavour will attract visitors from both near and far.

Olof Viktors Bakery is a name synonymous with handcrafted, premium quality in Sweden. It’s a place where locals as well as visitors congregate to enjoy cakes, pastries, sandwiches, handmade bread and muesli blends, ice cream, coffees and much more. The bakery was founded in 2002 by the decorated baker Jan Hedh, and was joined by Malin Haak and Martin Morand who became part-owners in 2020.

Olof Viktors: Exquisite baked goods, made with precision

Left: Martin Morand and Malin Haak. Right: The café.

“Me and Martin met during our time in the armed forces, where we competed as pastry chefs in the culinary team. We continued on that path afterwards, winning multiple awards and titles. We’ve brought that military rigour into our business – everything is done to perfection without cutting any corners – and combined it with a dynamic creativity inspired by the gorgeous surroundings. I believe this mix plays a huge part in making us a destination business. It’s how we maintain our reputation as a quality bakery where the craft is at the core of everything we do,” says head pastry chef and part owner Malin Haak.

Olof Viktors: Exquisite baked goods, made with precision

The wood-fired oven.

Wood-fired oven gives added spark

The bakery boasts the largest wood-fired oven in the country, a not-so-secret weapon that gives an added level of craftsmanship to the bread they produce. Everything is handmade from scratch, and no semi-manufactured products are allowed into their bakery. They use local produce as much as possible and they are always looking for ways to improve. The asparagus comes from the farmer next door and the vegetables are grown locally. The next step is to use flour from grain grown on neighbouring fields, and milk from local cows for their homemade ice cream.

The ingredients are used intelligently, and waste products are incorporated into new creations. “We are constantly looking for ways to renew ourselves while staying true to our craft. We are open all year round – a unique feature in this area that is so heavily dependent on the tourist season. We stay relevant by constantly incorporating new ideas to our menu, expanding and adjusting to the different times of the year,” says Haak.

The products are sold in their beautiful café as well as in wholesale shops around the country, and even abroad. Bestsellers include the carrot cake, big enough for two people with a generous layer of frosting, and the crayfish-tail sandwich – classic mainstays on a menu that is constantly updated with new and exciting concoctions and flavours. “The area of Scania is often called the pantry of Sweden, and we’re keeping the shelves stocked all year round,” Haak concludes.

Olof Viktors: Exquisite baked goods, made with precision

Left: Quality products baked all year round. Right: Quality bread.

Web: www.olofviktors.se
Instagram: @olofviktorsiglemminge
Facebook: Olof Viktors

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