Omaka Beer is not your everyday lager. Quite the opposite, in fact; this brewery started with a mission to make innovative, creative and delicious brews that break the boundaries of conventional beer. The brewery and its adjoining restaurant, located in central Stockholm, have been at the forefront of new and exciting blends from the start, and offer the perfect hub for beer and food lovers who are looking for unique flavours in a bustling environment.

Omaka Beer is the family beer-brewing venture created by Hedda Spendrup. She is the fourth generation of Spendrups brewers – which means that the beverage has been flowing through her veins since the very beginning. Spendrups is one of the biggest breweries in Sweden and after discovering the joy of beer-making while studying to become a certified brewmaster, Hedda Spendrup decided to start something of her own.

Omaka Beer: a boundary-breaking brewery

The place for anyone who wants to explore the world of beer.

She found the perfect location in the old architectural school in Stockholm, a brutalist house infamously voted the ugliest building in Sweden, but perfect for housing a cutting-edge brewery and restaurant. “The restaurant has turned into something much bigger than what I anticipated from the beginning. We have a team of incredibly talented chefs that create fantastic food combinations to match the beer that we make. Our menu, both food and beer, changes regularly to accommodate exciting pairings that create an incredible sensory experience for our guests,” says Spendrup.

Omaka Beer: a boundary-breaking brewery

Hedda Spendrup in the brewery.

They constantly brew new beer flavours and the process is defined by a playful exploration, in order to expand the definition of what beer really is. Small batches mean that they can be flexible and responsive to what their guests enjoy. “I love the instant feedback from our visitors, it helps us push forward and develop brews that you can’t find anywhere else,” says Spendrup.

Bestsellers include Peppar Peppar, a lager brewed with passionfruit and two pepper varieties, that goes perfectly with ceviche. Kallsup is an acidulous beer with salt that gives you a taste of the sea with every sip, in the most delicious way. Visitors to the brewery can enjoy a tour, and there are regular events, gigs and live DJs, creating a vibrant atmosphere open to everyone. So, ever wondered what a beer could really be? Come down to Omaka to find out.

Omaka Beer: a boundary-breaking brewery

Master brewer Hedda Spendrup. Photo: Linnea Lindblad


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