Osmia began with a love of flowers, plants, and science. Growing up in western Finland, its founder, Eero Vänttinen, spent time in nature, wandering through forests and fields, learning the names of different wildflowers. As a chemistry student at Turku University, he developed his own sauna oils, the first ever designed for mixing with water, and sold them at local markets.

Vänttinen further explored his interest in incorporating plants within artisan soaps and bath products. Soon, Osmia was born, a perfumery that provides customers around the world with the natural scents of Finland. The products are created in a studio known as “the little aroma and soap factory,” located in the heart of Helsinki.

Osmia’s fragrances abound with the glories of Finnish nature

Osmia creates hair and skincare products in a variety of fragrances, including the fresh scent of Finnish peat.

Pasi Väistö, CEO of Osmia, says that the company is the only one in Finland that creates fragrances for so many different uses. “Osmia’s range is extensive. From cosmetics, home design, skincare, and cleaning, we create lifestyle products for many different purposes,” he says. “At the same time, Osmia creates fragrances for other Finnish companies as well, such as Marimekko, Luhta, and Finlayson. Osmia is popular because it connects to positive aspects of Finnish culture, such as the environment and the varying seasons.”

Fragrances that evoke memories of Finland and Finnish nature are popular not just in the country itself, but with customers in places as far away as France and Japan. “Birch is one of our most popular scents,” says Väistö. “Perfumes associated with northern European summers are also popular, such as pine forest, clover, lilac, and honeysuckle.”

Osmia’s fragrances abound with the glories of Finnish nature

Osmia’s founder Eero Vänttinen explored Finnish nature as a young child before combining his interests in plants and science to create the company.

The Finnish love of birch

Osmia is always researching new raw materials that can be blended into new fragrances. “Finns love the smell of Koivuvihta, or birch tree,” says Väistö. “Last year we developed two different fragrances for birch. One is Koivuvihta and the other is Suomi Koivulehti, or birch leaf. It’s like the scent of freshly washed hair that has been moistened and softened in the heat of the sauna. It’s also a tea-like, softer aroma, and my favourite for summertime sauna experiences.”

Väistö believes that many Finnish companies only design their products in Finland but manufacture them in other parts of the world. “Buyers can be really opposed to this,” he says. “In Japan, for example, customers want a product that is genuinely made in Finland. Osmia designs and manufactures all products here at our studio in Helsinki.”

Osmia’s fragrances abound with the glories of Finnish nature

Body scrubs are relaxing and will cleanse your skin with subtle aromas of wild rose, bergamot, and coconut.

Sustainable ingredients and packaging are crucial. Products are contained in either 100% recycled glass or plastic bottles. One litre refill bags are also available, which reduce the use of plastic by 70%. “We use domestic rye and are currently researching interesting raw materials produced as by-products from the Finnish forestry industry. These ingredients have beneficial health effects when used in moisturisers,” explains Väistö. Osmia has gained the EU’s Ecolab certificate and this should come into use in the next few months.

A growing international market

Osmia’s market is rapidly expanding outside Europe. “Our online store receives many orders from Japan, export there is growing rapidly, especially among professional users such as sauna and spa companies,” says sales director Anne Mäkijärvi. “But other countries are also showing interest. This year we’ve seen our market increasing also in Korea and even Australia.”

Osmia’s fragrances abound with the glories of Finnish nature

Osmia celebrates the scents and plants of a Nordic summer in Finland.

Future plans include finding new partners for Osmia to work with. Mäkijärvi is realistic about the future; “We can do even more with partners than alone. When the current owners decide to retire, we want to be ready to pave the way for a new and ambitious leadership.”

Ultimately, Osmia hopes that customers around the globe will enjoy a bit of Finland in their bath and home products by exploring the product line. “We want fragrances that bring Finnish nature to everyone, even city dwellers,” says Mäkijärvi. “That is the purpose of Osmia’s existence.”

Osmia’s fragrances abound with the glories of Finnish nature

Products infused with birch are among the most popular

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