Paradox Museum Stockholm opened in 2022 and became an instant hit. Since then, over 480,000 people have tried the mind-bending experience in central Stockholm, in which 70 different paradoxes give visitors an unforgettably entertaining and educational experience. On its mission to challenge your preconceptions of reality, this museum pulls all the tricks out of the bag, and will enchant and mystify visitors of every generation.

What is a paradox, you ask? The museum describes it as ‘a logically self-contradictory statement or a statement that runs contrary to one’s established expectation’. Every exhibit in the Paradox Museum is an experiment in our human understanding of the environment around us. It is filled with fun activities that make you question the reality we live in and think twice about the facts you perceive as given truths. As the museum embarks on its second-anniversary celebrations, it can look back on a successful year of laughter and joyful exploration.

Paradox Museum Stockholm: A mind-boggling experience — wow factor guaranteed

An analogue museum for everyone

The idea behind the Paradox Museum was born in Greece and brought to Sweden by Janne Broman, a seasoned museum veteran, who, in addition to Paradox, brought the acclaimed photography museum Fotografiska to the Swedish capital. “It’s a privilege to work with Broman and to be in the presence of his enthusiasm and grand vision – his professionalism inspires, and his efforts are the main reason why the museum came to Stockholm as one of the first Paradox installations in the world,” says Martina Ekström, Marketing Manager at Paradox Museum Stockholm.

While Sweden was one of the first countries to introduce the popular concept, it’s spreading rapidly around the world. Installations of the museum are currently open in Limassol in Cyprus, Paris, Barcelona, Oslo, New Jersey, Las Vegas and Miami, while London, Shanghai and Berlin are in the works. The Swedish museum is located in the heart of Stockholm and has become a popular destination for people from all generations. “We’re happy to see how people from every walk of life –be it young, old, school classes, couples, and corporate teams – get absorbed into the illusions of the paradoxes and have fun exploring together,” says Ekström.

The stations are made up of clever exercises, destined to trick the mind into believing what it sees is true. One room consists of a spinning tunnel and gives your mind the impression that your body is spinning, while you are, in fact, walking on steady ground. The eye perceives the movement but the brain is unable to register what is happening correctly and is tricked into believing that your entire body is spinning.

The popular Upside Down room is also the perfect photograph spot. Here, seemingly freed from gravity and glued to the ceiling, you’ll appear to cling to earth only by holding on to items of furniture inside the room. Meanwhile, the Ames Room can make people turn enormous and minuscule, even if they’re standing side by side in the same room. “All rooms and activities are about challenging beliefs and digging deep into how the world around us is perceived. It teaches us that things are not always what they seem to be at first glance, and this proves how important it is to be open to a different reality. All elements are created to start a discussion in your group and with the staff, to expand our minds and willingness to see the world differently,” says Ekström.

What? Huh. Wow!

Paradox Museum Stockholm: A mind-boggling experience — wow factor guaranteed

Mind-bending experiments.

A dynamic space where interaction is key

The Paradox staff, clearly distinguished by their black-and-white overalls, are there to help you understand what you see, guide you through the experience and help you take brilliant, mind-boggling action shots to take home, post on social media and show family and friends. QR codes distributed around the building provide another tool for visitors who want to understand more.

Moreover, the museum never stops evolving, hosting regular events that encourage an even deeper level of dynamic exploration. Easter week will be packed with thrilling happenings to celebrate the museum’s second anniversary and new installations are added on a regular basis to provide a fresh experience for both first-time and returning visitors. “We listen intently to our visitors and update our activities to maintain our high level of quality and excitement. From the way that we see people returning and bringing friends along, it’s clear that it’s working,” says Ekström and concludes: “The Paradox experience is about being wowed while learning new things and having a great time with other people; we’re here to challenge our perceptions of what reality is. The Paradox Museum is here to make you think again.”

Paradox Museum Stockholm: A mind-boggling experience — wow factor guaranteed

Right: The Upside Down room.
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