In a modern world where many new flats and houses are quickly built with only time, simplicity, and profit in mind, Pilares Eiendom exists to slow down the process and ask the new house owners exactly what they want and need in order to make their house a home.

Every single day, new apartment complexes, houses, and buildings are erected all across the world. Look to Norway, and you’ll find that this Nordic nation is no exception. Like in many other countries, the population of Norway continues to grow, resulting in an increased demand for housing. The continuous upspring of new residential areas, combined with people’s various needs and wants, means that the process of finding the right place for a forever home, can be a little overwhelming; some even end up feeling forced to settle for whatever is easiest.

Pilares Eiendom - Making a house a home

In 2021, Pilares Eiendom completed SJ.2, eight exclusive apartments in an attractive residential area in central Drammen.

Pilares Eiendom is a real estate developer that won’t let you settle, but rather works to ensure that the home you want is exactly the one you’re getting.

“We want to create happy homes and good neighbourhoods,” says Thomas Børnich, manager at Pilares. “A home is so much more than the four walls you find yourself in, and we want to create the home that’s exactly right for you.”

Lene Omenås, Pilares’ sales and marketing manager nods in agreement, adding that each of their projects has its own history and identity, making them completely unique.

“We want our customers to be proud of the homes we’re providing, but it’s also important that those homes are contributing positively to their surroundings and leaving an impression that will last for generations,” she says.

Pilares Eiendom - Making a house a home

Left: SJ2 wardrobe. Right: SJ2 light fixture.

Selling a dream to be proud of

Pilares’ journey started with a wish to provide better housing and real estate than the existing market for new housing offered.

“I think many of the large players in the field focus a lot on making production easier, keeping costs down, and so on. In the process, I think they’re completely forgetting about what the customer might want, but also what they’re willing to pay for. We wanted to offer something else, something more, and we’ve been met with great response,” says Børnich.

According to Børnich, another thing that separates Pilares from others in the same industry is that every product and project of theirs is completely unique.

“We recycle our processes, but not the actual plans,” he says. “This way, everything we create is different and new.”

Børnich explains that Pilares owes their success to their amazing, hardworking team who often collaborate and work across projects and departments to ensure that each home gets the creativity, flair and uniqueness the new homeowners deserve.

“An important thing is that we, as developers, are selling a dream through an illustration or drawing. Therefore, each of our projects needs to look at least as good as – if not better than – the illustrations,” he says.

“We love exceeding expectations,” says Omenås. “On the days the projects are finished, we want to be proud of what we’re handing over to the buyers, and we want them to be excited to be in their new space.”

Pilares Eiendom - Making a house a home

Right: SJ2 window.

High quality across the board

Pilares Eiendom works hard to build their brand through their projects, showing rather than telling their customers their professionalism and style. One of the projects in their portfolio that they’re particularly proud of is Ankers Hage in Drammen.

“Ankers Hage is a project that came to be through our collaboration with Solli Architects, where we combined new construction with the rehabilitation of an old corner house from 1905,” explains Børnich.

The project won Arkitekturprisen “The Architecture Prize” in 2019, a prize awarded by the National Board of Norwegian Architects.

“We truly put our hearts and souls into every process to ensure that our projects elevate their local areas and look in their respective cities over a longer time, so it’s safe to say that we’re very proud that Ankers Hage received this award,” Børnich says.

Another one of their projects that they’re proud of is Skipsbygger Jørgensens Vei 2 (SJ2) in Drammen, an apartment complex built with luxury and comfort in mind.

“SJ2 consists of 8 apartments, all of which are supposed to give you that “hotel feeling” at home – a bit of everyday luxury, if you wish,” says Børnich. ”Flos lighting, Gaggenau appliances, ensuites with tailored, high-quality wardrobes, a smart house system, integrated sound system in every room – you name it!”

Pilares Eiendom - Making a house a home

One thing that truly shines through all of Pilares’ projects is the modern, simplistic style that blends into the local surroundings without disrupting its natural aesthetic. With some of their projects, such as Havegaten, Pilares also play around with the surrounding outdoor area, providing fertile oases with tall trees and climbing vines along the walls – a natural space for small and large creatures alike.

“We prioritize quality and comfort above all,” says Børnich. “Our goal is to never develop anything we wouldn’t live in ourselves.”

Their wish to provide high quality does not only apply to their projects, but also their own workspace, which has been certified as a “Great Place to Work” for two years in a row. This means that Pilares’ team consists of happy, qualified and creative individuals who feel at home, a feeling that truly translates to their projects and houses built for their customers.

Pilares Eiendom - Making a house a home

Left: Lene Omenås. Right: Thomas Børnich.


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